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Thread: What to do with broken/fragile, boxed-up toys?

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    What to do with broken/fragile, boxed-up toys?

    Hey all...

    Iím trying to decide what to do with my vintage toys and play sets. Iíve kept almost all my action figures in boxes (motu and tmnt), with many of them amputees, and Iím realizing Iím kind of just keeping them for nostalgic purposes since my daughters wonít really play with the broken ones. Iíve got playsets and vehicles that are broken too.

    My wife doesnít care that I have them. Sheíd prefer I get rid of them, but manly because theyíre not doing anything.

    Should I just toss them? Would broken ones sell? Should I keep holding on to my childhood, locked up in the attic?
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    I guess you just throw away all your broken toys, guy-dude. Most toys don't last long and they will eventually break down. If you want to sell your toys simply sell the unopened ones.
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    Don't throw them out. List them on here or eBay, people will pay for broken figures/playsets for parts at the very least

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    I echo what crazyjoe said.
    Anytime I've had broken figures, I've lumped them together and sold them as a lot here on the forums. And they've always sold. Even if you get like $20 for a group of four or five, it's better than just tossing them. I've always assumed it was customizers snatching them up.

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