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Thread: Skeletor & Evil-Lyn Fanfic

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    Skeletor & Evil-Lyn Fanfic

    ello there.

    I'm looking for any experienced writers willing to help me co-write this story I had in mind.

    I love bad guys (lol). I am interested in role-playing/writing a story focusing on Skeletor & Evil-Lyn. Yet, it's a bit of re-imagination with Evil-Lyn and a bit of storytelling that departs from "canon" or anything from the He-Man and the MOTU mythos. I loved how you set up Snake Mountain in the beginning of your story. However, I'd love to have a story that has them as this power couple, well after Keldor becomes Skeletor. In other words, a romance tale. Set when they first meet, but chronicles their conquest of Eternia.

    Evil-Lyn stays in love with Skeletor after his new look. I know in your version and others they fell out of love. Yet, I think it would be amazing if Skeletor and Lyn had a child together, a daughter. Lyn is a fiery spirit, but knows she wants a man to love, and Keldor/Skeletor is that. And I think we can keep some of attributes in the 200x cartoon, where she playfully annoys Skeletor, but loves to drive him crazy. For example, she does "back talk" to him and make "fun" of her lover in front of the other minions, but she is his equal. The rest of the Evil Warriors know they're sleeping together. Yet, I think Lyn would love to play with Skeletor and have fun with him. Yes, she'll plot to have power for herself, but know she has to bring him into the mix for it. She needs him. They need each other.

    She loves him and knows she belongs to him. In essence, she knows she's his henchwoman, but right-hand and lover. She's his future queen.

    I think there is a serious treatment to explore here in terms of a story.

    I'm looking for anyone willing to help me make this come alive on Discord or even a Google Doc.

    Please message me if interested. Thank you.

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    How about you try posting such fanfic in this thread, LordSkeletorEvil.
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