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Thread: The newly announced cartoon has a new He-Man symbol - What are your thoughts?

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    A few more thoughts on the symbol prompted by the discussion on the most recent episode of Roast Gooble Dinner.

    I would love for Mattel to settle on a symbol and brand the IP around that (again, like Superman’s S). I think for the general public and recognition of the IP going forward there needs to be one symbol. But that’s already not happening with the Origins He-Man using the iron cross. If Mattel was trying to get away from potentially offensive imagery, why use it in Origins? I get the throwback and nostalgia aspect of that particular line, but if it’s really a case of Mattel wanting to distance the IP from any such associations then it should have been changed there as well.

    I’m interested to see how this develops as things move forward.

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    Let's face it, as much as some people would love it, the iron cross isn't going anywhere. It's forever tied with the image of He-Man, because that's been the symbol associated with him for 90% of the toys and media during the period of his greatest and most visible mainstream success. And next year Mattel is going all-in on relaunching the property in a way they haven't since the 80's peak, and they're using the iron cross again. None of the various other vain attempts over the years to create a unique symbol have stuck in the public consciousness (and I say that as someone who also likes the Battle Armor "H" design).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Durendal View Post
    And next year Mattel is going all-in on relaunching the property in a way they haven't since the 80's peak, and they're using the iron cross again.
    Origins is using it, because it is effectively a commemorative line. But there is no reason to think they will use it any new lines or media. In fact, images of the new series suggest they will not.

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    Here are my best guesses.

    Origins will have the iron cross. That line is not tied to either of the new Netflix shows. It is only a commemorative rehash line with modern sculpts to grab both collectors and non-collector parents. It will be on shelves in the 6 months ahead of the live action movie to remind people about the property. 12 figures is my bet.

    Revelation will be iron cross but will not have toys. It's probably a mini-series. 6-12 episodes and done. Simply to wrap up the series for the fans of the Filmation cartoon.

    The new He-Man cartoon will be very similar to the new She-Ra with limited Target exclusive toys if that. New symbol as shown by Val's post.

    The live action movie will stand alone and may or may not have a toy line. I'm betting it will and they will replace or be alongside the Original figures. This line will be junk and gone quickly. It will use no symbol at all like the '87 movie. Just cool armor.

    Origins returns or continues following the movie if we are lucky and they've sold well.

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    My thoughts on the new He-Man symbol…there's no need to redesign the wheel. It works. No one liked the asterisk logo from the 200X line. There's just no real reason to do it. I doubt anyone at DC is sitting around saying to themselves…hey let's change Superman's S into an SM…you know…because Super Man? If it ain't broke don't fix it. Especially when there's already the iron cross and the stylized H that's associated with him.
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