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Thread: MOTU Classics - Hellscape Skeletor custom

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    MOTU Classics - Hellscape Skeletor custom

    I've added a new custom to my blog:

    After He-Man defeated Anti-Eternia He-Man and closed the portal, the Masters thought that would be the end of trouble from that evil place. But Skeletor hadn't given up on his plans to harness the powers from that forsaken place and, through many spells and trials, he finally managed to summon Anti-He-Man's sword of power. When he called upon the dark power of Castle Hellskull, the magic answered and he was transformed into an ever darker version of his self, the one that would become known as Hellscape Skeletor.

    The idea for this one was born when I got my hands on a couple Ninjor bodies without heads or accessories. The body shape and colouring made for a perfect base for a different take on Skeletor. I Threw together some bits I already had and ordered a couple custom casts to fill in the gaps. The chest harness is a repaint of a spare Faker harness I had left over from a different custom and the black sword is, fittingly, from one of the China Anti-He-Man figures. The Alcala head is a resin cast from Eternal Customs. The staff is a black resin copy made by Barbarossa Customs. I painted Skeletor's skull and the one on the havoc staff to match and Skeletor's your uncle. I left the loincloth as is, figuring it worked well and didn't need to be changed for the traditional Skeletor leather loincloth.

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    This guy looks really cool! Now... get on that Classics Castle Hellskull!

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    Nice custom.

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