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Thread: Neil Peart of Rush has passed away

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    Neil Peart of Rush has passed away

    My Hero of his greatest hero passed away, I discovered Dream Theater but thanks to them I discovered Rush too, Spirit of Radio, 2112, Tom Sawyer remains my favorite song in their catalogue. I heard about his health issue over fatigue due for long 40 years touring and I definitely get that when the body couldn't do the job that you like anymore.

    #RIPNeil #MyHero

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    The world of rock and roll has lost the greatest drummer it's ever known.

    Rest in peace, Neil. Thanks for giving us so much great music for so long!
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    Sad. A friend of mine is a drummer in a Rush tribute band (and a few others).
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    Heard the news this morning...pretty numb from the shock. I've been a big fan since highschool.

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