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Thread: Vintage Moss Man can't hold mace (normal annoyance, or bad luck?)

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    Vintage Moss Man can't hold mace (normal annoyance, or bad luck?)

    From all my vintage figure collection, Moss-Man has been an intrigue to me, that I had to create this thread to know more about it... (not sure if It's just me, Bad Luck, random manufacturing issue, or I'm sleeping right now, writing this inside my bad dream)

    When I got a Vintage Moss-Man couple of years ago, I noticed that my hairy friend couldn't hold the mace that came with it on its hand. (Yes, the original, brown color one). At the beginning it didn't bother me that much, but then when I started displaying all my Vintage, this is the ONLY figure that can't hold it's own weapon.

    I've seen some online, sometimes in the pics are shown holding the mace correctly. I tried making my BEAST MAN to hold Moss-man mace, and it worked. It's just Moss-Man hand that seems to hate the plastic of the mace that keeps rejecting it.

    Time has passed, I really forgot about this annoyance. Then the other day I saw a complete figure in ebay, showing the mace in a small plastic bag, I thought this was an opportunity to update my old failed-hand Moss-Man, so can be displayed properly. I bought it. When received it, this figure does exactly the same as the one I had 2 years ago. Mace is not held and just fells.

    I've seen some pics of another Moss Men on ebay and other sites, with the mace perfectly held by his hand (see pics of those doing fine, vs mine)

    So, now I'm confused. Is there another MACE version (maybe from a weapon pack) that is NOT the original Moss Man Vintage Mace, that have been included on my 2 figures purchased?

    I mean, I thought I was crazy and just almost accepting the fact that Vintage Moss Man figures will never hold the mace on his hand. At this point, not sure if I got bad luck getting the incorrect mace twice, Manufacturer defect (twice), or are my figures coming from a Twilight Zone (yes, twice!)?

    I will appreciate if someone can explain me, maybe I'm getting crazy about this small annoyance, maybe not important for many, but for me, that all my complete vintage figures are displayed holding their weapons, helmets, shields, and carrying armors, etc. it's ridiculous to have now 2 Moss Men that I need to tie the mace with a wire.

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    Occasionally there are deformations in the mold.

    I had original vintage Faker in the early 80s. His left hand lacked the top of his fingers, all four of them. My original Trap Jaw had a wobbling head. My commemorative Trap Jaw I have now doesnít. I recently bought Remco Warrior Beasts Snake Man, still in the original package. Heís missing the tips of his toes on his right foot.

    Iíve also found out the hard way, never store action figures in an attic that isnít climate controlled. Thatís sure to bring warping.

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    Its basically just pressure keeping the weapon in the hand . When these toys get old and weapons have been taken off and put back on again over and over again , it gets worn .

    You have two moss men bro . Its on display for 99.99 percent of it life . You could consider gluing the weapon onto the hand ?

    MOTU toys are a pain to display . NO offense guys . I have lots of other toyliness older and younger than MOTU , I just pop them in the show case and thats it .
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