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Thread: G.I. Joe Classified 6" Line By Hasbro

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sword2Blanket View Post
    Ok, so phantom seemed to be implying that Hasbro had a lot of stuff that they hadn't covered period; you seem to have a completely different take.

    Look, I don't disagree with most of this stuff per se, but these are pretty pedantic grievances in the grand scheme of things. Hasbro rode the 3.75" scale until the wheels completely fell off and you want them to get out and push the car down the road, metal on asphalt, so you can get 7 or 8 year old figures on a different card back or a specific figure that was already released packed with a vehicle that was also already released? Again, I don't disagree that the things you're suggesting would have been better if they had happened at the time, but to produce a whole retail wave of figures to "fix" relatively minor things from 10 years ago in a line that essentially died at retail two years ago (and that's probably being generous) sounds ludicrous to me.

    Now if you're say, "Oh, I know that'll never happen, it's just what I want," then that's fine. But that doesn't sound like what you're saying and it definitely didn't sound like what phantom was saying.

    I think a big problem lies in that very last line you wrote: it's a complete non sequitur. You could kitbash 5 complete waves worth of figures that many hardcore Joe fans thought were amazing, and Hasbro could follow your directions to the letter, but that doesn't mean those figures would be commercially successful, much less "make a ton of money". The 50th Anniversary line was pretty much exactly what you're describing: a 4" anniversary line that was largely based on reused tools, repaints, and outright re-releases. And yes, it gave us a few great figures; but it was also a commercial failure. Sure, you could say "well, Hasbro didn't do [this or that] properly, and if they had, it would have been a rip roaring success and Joes would have been flying off the shelves" but I think we all know that's just wishful thinking.
    Correct, I had a different take from Phantom, but I do feel that there were plenty of vintage vehicles left to be done in the modern era. I keep hearing how expensive tooling is and, my point was that there was a less costly way to keep a 4” Joe line alive. Character wise there wasn’t too much not covered but many are poorly made figures. Even Star Wars figures done poorly peg warm. And re released SW figures with improvements are selling. So there is a foundation for improving previously released characters.

    50th updated some figures that did needed updating, and I was happy to grab them, but I think the line would have sold better if they went back to vintage card, made some smarter decisions, had a a budget for a successful launch, and were easier to find at retail. There were also just as many terrible figures in that line, as there were good. Weber’s hands were largely tied to a very small budget for the line. We got another not so great Duke, and too many modern characters that no one knew nor cared about. Forcing fans to buy troop builders in two packs with named characters? Bad move. I still have a bag of 50th Snow Jobs and Blowtorches from buying my customary 5x for Cobra Troops. But the Viper and IG 2 pack sold very well. Also having the ARAH colored Flint as the exclusive and the variant colored Flint as the retail release probably didn’t help much. The line seemed dead on arrival and wasn’t really rolled out for success. I liked a lot of what the 50th line had to offer but I wouldn’t say it was really what I wanted for Joe. Destro and Gung Ho, yes, but the line as a whole, not so much. Hasbro reaped what the sowed with the line. The after market prices though for the 50th items though should be raising eyebrows at Hasbro.

    I disagree that there is no more money to be made in the 4” Joe brand. Those 30th figures did fly off the shelves back in 2010,2011, and 2012. Hasbro put a lot of work into those figures and they were hard to find, at least in my neck of the woods. The figures that did not sell were characters based on poorly received media. IDW characters, those badly done movie figures, and the like warm Renegades figures didn’t seem to move as well. Fans who bought Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, one after another since 2007 lined up again for the Ultimates. Joe fans will rebuy characters that they already have if they are done better. 50th Gung Ho and Destro did sell well. Weird repaints and and lame IDW characters didn’t. Judging by the gripes in the this thread, and other sites, the more ARAH the figures look, they better they will sell. Joe collectors have proven that they will pay for good product. The Club never failed to fund a figure subscription at over $300 a sub, $25 bucks a figure, with some of the most obscure characters in the brand. Not to mention the figure subscription service just ended last year. Over priced Con items always sold out. Give the Joe fans what they want and they’ll drop the cash. I have to agree to disagree you my friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by motogp_fanatic View Post
    And nothing can beat this cardback packaging to be honest...I am really glad it was carried over the 25th anniv line. Wish classified makes a box art similar to this design if they cannot be in cardbacks.

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    Agreed. There may be hope though. The 6” Star Wars Black series did eventually re release figures on the vintage Kenner style card. I’m hoping there is a chance for Joes too, maybe with ARAH redesigns too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ornclown View Post
    I guess I'm just mostly upset because this was an opportunity to recreate one of her iconic looks... Marvel, Sunbow, even DiC or the Declassified look.

    This new look just seems off to me... but, I might just be getting too nit-picky because nostalgia is clouding my judgement.

    I found this custom Roadblock figure that basically shows us what a 6" version would have looked like if Hasbro used the classic V.1 designs:

    Attachment 122838

    Attachment 122839

    Attachment 122840
    That is a really cool custom.

    It's weird how nostalgia for certain characters looks etc can affect out opinions.
    With MOTUC as much as I loved the N.A. He-Man, Tuskadpr and Flipshot I was really annoyed that the faces didn't look like the cartoon or vintage toys.

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