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Just noticed you are from Northern Ireland, Mark. My paternal grandfatherís family is for Co. Sligo just souther of the border. Both of my maternal grandparents were from further south but they left home hurriedly so we donít have any info on what county they came from, but we know it was from the south. I knew there was something I liked about you.
Thank you. Sligo is a beautiful area and well worth visiting if you are ever in Ireland. I think the last tine I was there was in the mid 90s.
I live way up on the north coast in Co. Londonderry/Derry.

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Yes, absolutely.

I just went back and watched the G.I. Joe Resolute movie tonight, and forgot how freaking incredible that thing is -from start to finish!

The animation is top-notch, the choreography is amazing, and the voice acting is terrific... but that's beside my point. The character designs are some of the best Joe/Cobra re-designs in the franchise. They take huge inspiration from the vintage toy designs and update the characters based on their specific skill-sets. It's just a perfect mix of old and new... I wish the 6" line was based more on the Resolute style than the piecemeal fortnite-meets-call of duty designs.







Note: Most characters are wearing knee pads... the difference here, is that these are actually tactical knee pads, not sci-fi video game knee pads.

Glad you still think Resolute is incredible.
The Resolute designs were great.
Maybe if the designs were actually being used in a cartoon, comic or video game people would have less issues with the designs.