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The Dr. is going to be released on a retro card soon per the Hasbro Joe team, I'm sure will see the same for Serpentor down the line
Where did you hear this? I've watched every stream and interview they'd done and don't remember that. I hope you are right though! That would be cool! Maybe things have changed.

In fact from what I've heard it's the opposite. Mindbender can't be on a retro card or regular B&M packaging due to the cost of the soft goods cape. It prices out too high. Emily mentioned this at SDCC on one of her social media accounts when people complained about him being exclusive. That's the reason he was a con item. The best case scenario IMO is a release like we got with Sarge where the MSRP is a bit higher and a store or online exclusive.

For Serpentor, Hasbro said the chariot would only be available in the Pulse set but never said anything about Serpentor himself. There was also a rumor of some 2 packs coming as exclusives to Target or Walmart. One of them was a Slaughter/Serpentor and a Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow one from issue #26...plus a few others. That seems like a good way to get Serpentor a retail release, likely with less accessories as the Pulse one.