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Thread: Want the search to end! :-)

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    Want the search to end! :-)

    Ok so I've been hunting for a Snake Face shield, Terror Claws Skeletor red clip, Bow's headband, and Glimmer's tiara/headband thing for over a year now with no luck. At this point I don't care if they are repro or not, but does anyone know a good place for MOTU/POP accessories (repro or not) besides ebay? There are a few others that I need as well, but those are the main ones. Thanks!!

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    I'm not sure where to find all MOTU/POP accessories nowadays, Brad79.
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    You can try your luck here on the marketplace forums, but you'll need to upgrade your account to do so (no marketplace type posts allowed in non-marketplace forums):
    There might also be some Facebook groups out there that could help.

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