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Thread: "Action Figure Adventure" docu-series from Rob McCallum

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    "Action Figure Adventure" docu-series from Rob McCallum

    From Rob McCallum, the Co-Director/Co-Writer of "Power of Grayskull" comes the ultimate collector's quest, "Action Figure Adventure." Follow super collector, Jay Bartlett through store after store as he attempts to hunt down the coolest, rarest, and most noteworthy action figures all for an auction that benefits critically ill children. Along the way, hear insights from fans and creators alike as they discuss the importance of action figures, levels of collecting, the role of playsets and speculate on the future of all things action figure related. With stops in Canada, Ohio, New Jersey and California, this is a trip that goes coast to coast and back again!

    Fans of He-Man in particular will be glad to see so many familiar faces connected to the Masters of the Universe brand, both of yesteryear and today like Mark Taylor, Roger Sweet, Rudy Obrero, Tom Kalinske, Jack Olesker, Kevin Smith, Brian Flynn, Axel Gimenez, Nate Baertch, Britt Shots, Bill Benecke, James Eatock, Pixel Dan, Four Horsemen Toy Design, Mondo and more! "There's certainly a heavy MOTU pulse through the whole project which shouldn't be a surprise given my past work" McCallum said. "There were a few folks that we couldn't get to for 'Power of Grayskull' because of time and budget restraints so they became a huge priority for me on this project."

    Power-Con: The He-Man and She-Ra Toy & Collectibles Experience was critical in the creation of the doc-series that's set to span ten 22-minute episodes. "Power Con brings everyone together: experts and fans alike. The interviews we captured served as the backbone for a lot of our discussion points" McCallum added. "We wanted to showcase the community vibe and why conventions are key moments for the on-going action figure culture, but we captured so much more!"

    Currently, "Action Figure Adventure" has released a trailer via their Kickstarter campaign that runs until February 13. They hit their modest goal of $1,000 in the first few hours which gives people a chance to secure a copy of the new series on DVD, Blu Ray, or digitally. The team will announce stretch goals very soon too.

    Click here to donate on Kickstarter

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    Who is the super collector Jay Bartlett? I googled his name and only appears information about a missionary pastor. Is he here in the forum? it would be nice talk to him.

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