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Thread: Howdy, Disgruntled howdy.

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    Howdy, Disgruntled howdy.

    I fiddled with account settings for like an hour, while reading nothing approaching fine print on my ridiculously sized monitor, trying to figure out why the site 'broke' after i finally signed up --after all these years--and logged in. Turns out, gmail folks gotta come here to say hello first.


    Now that I've read it once, it seems like I'm reading it everywhere.

    Feels good, man.

    Anyway, I'm pumped for origins. Or, at least i thought i was. Might still be, not really sure. I was born in 85 so I missed motu in it's first-run, but I had a mess of the 'lesser' adventures stuff --that i still think were awesome-- and have always bought the **** out of he-man ever since. I got a bunch of 200x, the minicomic omnibus, the grayskull dvd box set, Classics... well, i guess it's all pretty straightforward considering that's all there's really been. BUT seeing mattel release stuff to retail, or at least intend to, got me excited. Then i saw there's, like, 3 cartoons coming, a movie that i kind of hope doesnt happen under sony, and then i bought some wwe eternia stuff...

    It's cool, and it functions as a nice preview and all, but man, wrestling kind of sucks now and i dont want a whole collection of dudes i cant pretend are other people. So, i figured, while i wait for october, i'll check out the super 7 5.5 line since it's all basically available at bbts. Came here, read that wave 1 might break at the legs --for $20 a figure!-- said to hell with that and bought a vintage lot on ebay that had 24 dudes, teela and battle cat. and i bet not ONE of those toys will give me any kind of trouble i cant fix.

    In half-ass skimming the checklist here, and measuring the ebay lot i got against the guys i'd like to add, I kinda feel like i'm gonna be happier with the simpler, vintage, 5poa, figs, anyway. That's how it worked for my TMNT, BTAS, real ghostbusters, gi joe and star wars/ trek collections, for whatever that's worth. Playsets AND Vehicles, baby! Kids today have NO IDEA what the hell they missed when the toy industry went and got all collector-complicated. Although, that could just be nostalgia talking, who knows or cares.

    Anybody know where i can get some vintage leg connectors? I was looking at he-bands, initially, but read there's some good 3d printed ones, and cant find anybody that has them stateside. Which is weird because the damn things were everywhere a few months back, werent they?

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    On behalf of's admin, staff, and moderators, allow me to extend an official Hello and welcome to, cminc!!

    We're glad to have you join our site and we hope you have a fun time discussing Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power here.

    Please be sure to read over the rules for posting and interacting on And if you have any questions, you are welcome to send me a PM for more information.

    If you want to buy and trade you will need to upgrade your account to have access to the Marketplace. Please click here and read the section entitled "What are the limitations for users with Gmail/AOL/Yahoo accounts?" for more information. For details on how the upgrading system works click here.

    Hello!! Welcome to the community, officially!! Sounds like you've got a really nice collection of vintage toys!! If you're looking to build your collection, keep an eye on the marketplace here and you may find some good deals and perhaps find those leg connectors you need. Good luck!! As you know, we have the best He-Fans and She-Ravers around and as always, we have great ongoing MOTU and POP discussions, so feel free to join in the conversation!!

    Enjoy your time here and welcome!!
    "Oh Lord, Bless this M&M... and the mighty cockroach I slain in battle to get it." - Al Bundy

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    Welcome aboard! Glad you figured out where to post.

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    I did the same hunting around for why the forums were "broken."

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    Welcome aboard!
    For the Honor, for the Glory, for the Power of GRAYSKULL!!!

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    Welcome aboard, feel free joining the conversation, have fun contributing to the community and enjoy spending your time as well as, of course, posting here on the .org!

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