BAF trading and Legends for sale with no BAF

-BAF Parts are only for trade
-Marvel Legends prices are without shipping costs
-Shipping is flat $6 anywhere in US, loose or packaged figure
-I will ship loose if you want

Super skrull torso
Super skrull left arms set
Kingpin right leg
Thanos endgame right leg


Wendigo torso
Thanos left arm (regular comic thanos)
Warlock left arm
Ultron head
Kingpin left arm (ring)
Kingpin right arm with cane
Green goblin head
Smart hulk head (smirk)
Spider carnage head

Legends for sale (No baf)

Vulture $15
Shang chi $15
Deadpool $12
Superior ock $15
Dr doom from Ronan wave $20
She hulk $16