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Thread: A comprehensive list of MotU/PoP/NA-podcasts, help needed!

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    A comprehensive list of MotU/PoP/NA-podcasts, help needed!

    Hi! I'm trying to compile an All Encompassing, English MotU/PoP/NA podcast series list, starting from 2005. If there's already a resource compiling every podcast title there ever was, could you link me up? Thank you
    Here's what I remember ( p.s. all years are from my memory, they might not be actual, at all)

    -Masters Cast (2005)
    -Roast Gooble Dinner 2010 (Heman.Org)
    -Masters of the Universe Chronicles by Chris Vint ~2009 ( and Operation Retroshock)
    -Masters Comic Cast, limited series, with e.g. Jukka Issakainen and Joe Amato (Alternative Mindz) (2012)
    -Global Masters Podcast (2012)
    -Masters of the Galaxy ( ~2013
    -Fans of Power ( ~ 2014
    -Battlecast (2019) Eamon O'Donoghue
    Some which I haven't listened to, info by to Jukka Issakainen:
    -Powers of Grayskull (2011)
    -The Council of the First Ones (2012)
    -Whispers in the Woods (2012)
    Are there more?

    Edit: Additions
    -The Podcasters of the Universe
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    I guess that's all, PaavoGold.
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    We did a Roast Gooble Dinner episode on this topic several months ago.

    Masters Cast
    Council of the First Ones
    Fans of Power Podcast
    Podcasters of the Universe
    She-Ra Progressive of Power Podcast
    Legends of Grayskull
    Powers of Grayskull
    Das HE-MANische Quartett (German-language)
    La Cueva Del Terror Podcast (Spanish-language)
    MOTULAtv (Spanish-language)
    Roast Gooble Dinner

    NO LONGER ACTIVE (as far as I'm aware)
    Global Masters
    Man-E-Faces of the MOTU
    Masters of the Universe Chronicles
    Masters Comic Cast
    Masters of the Galaxy
    Whispers in the Woods
    Waffle Mafia Podcast
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