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Thread: Neutralized - A M.A.S.K. Fanfic

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    Neutralized - A M.A.S.K. Fanfic

    Note: This story is unfinished, but I wanted to get it out to see what people thought about it. It's inspired by dialogue from my MOTU story The Search.


    July 4, 2004
    Boulder Hill, IL

    To the average person it was no more than a gas station. Two gas pumps sat out front and a small store connected to a garage rested firmly against the mountainside. Most people never gave the place a second thought as they filled their tanks or repaired a flat tire. They barely acknowledged the building while they bought their snacks and sodas for the road ahead. Most people saw only what they wanted to see - what they were meant to see.

    Storm Shadow was not most people. The ninja knew the truth about the structure, knew about the freeze cannons and armor that defended the headquarters of M.A.S.K., the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand. He’d been briefed by Miles Mayhem himself, the Cobra agent who led M.A.S.K.’s cruel counterpart, V.E.N.O.M. Armed with that knowledge, and under orders from Serpentor, he’d made his way to Boulder Hill to infiltrate the command center.

    Muscles strained as Storm Shadow made his way carefully down the cliff face, the claws on his gloves digging into the rock and sending small pebbles tumbling downward. He paused, breathing steadily, finding purchase with his hands and booted feet, and continued to make his way toward the station’s roof. With feline ease, he dropped onto the roof and quickly made his way to the vent leading to the air ducts. Within minutes he’d unscrewed the vent and carefully set it aside. Snakelike, Storm Shadow slithered into the duct system.

    In a matter of minutes the ninja made his way to his destination. Pressing a button on the EMP device on his belt, Storm Shadow removed a roof tile and quietly dropped down into the room below. Slowly, he circled the chairs surrounding the table in the center of the room until he found the spot he wanted. Carefully, he removed a panel and, taking a small chip from a fold in his shōzoku, he deftly inserted it into the table’s circuitry and closed the panel.

    Storm Shadow stiffened as a slight noise broke the silence. His dark gaze scanned the area, ears straining to hear if anyone or anything was alive outside of the room. He breathed softly in relief when a lone mouse skittered across the floor toward a crack in the wall. Chuckling to himself, Storm Shadow made his way back into the air duct and to the roof. Stepping toward the cliff, he began his ascent back to its top.
    “What took you so long?” a voice came from the darkness above Storm Shadow. A shimmer appeared in the sky above, quickly revealing a tan and purple Mig-25. A long rope dropped down from the jet’s open cockpit.

    “Perfection cannot be rushed Blitzwing,” Storm Shadow retorted as he shimmied up the rope and into the cockpit seat. “Inform Lord Megatron and Emperor Serpentor that the deed is done.”

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    “Be quiet T-Bob!”
    “I-I-I am b-being quiet!”

    Scott sighed and continued creeping down the hallway with T-Bob - his ever present companion - squealing along behind him. I really need to oil his parts, Scott thought as he edged closer to his father’s office, pushing aside the slight guilt he felt at trying to eavesdrop on the conversation in the room. Scott and his father had been about to leave for Autobot City when the tone came and, as usual, the boy was intensely curious about what his father was up to.

    “...Stewart began just a few minutes ago, Matt.” The voice belonged to General Hawk, leader of the G.I. Joe force. “Most of the Joes and Autobots are fighting enemy forces in Kalingaland and what’s left are trying to help out with the fires in California right now. We’re spread too thin!”

    “We’ll take care of it, General,” Matt Trakker assured the older man. “I’ll put together a team and we’ll be in Georgia soon. Let the command at the fort know the cavalry’s on the way.”

    “Will do, Capt. Trakker. Hawk out.”

    The silence after the communication ended seemed to drag until Matt spoke again. “Okay, Scott. Come in here. Now.”

    Scott started guiltily and slowly pushed open the door and walked into his father’s office. “I’m sorry, Dad. I know I shouldn’t have eavesdropped like that; I just wanted to know what you were talking about.” The boy’s eyes brightened suddenly. “You’re going to Georgia?! What’s going on? Can I go?!

    Matt placed his hand on his son’s shoulder. “You know better than that, son. You and T-Bob are going to have to stay here where it’s safe.” The blond-haired man’s eyes hardened. “No buts, Scott. This is serious.”

    The boy nodded glumly. “Okay, Dad. I understand.”

    “Good. Now, go to your room. I have to put a team together.” Scott nodded again and turned to leave. Matt watched him for a moment before turning back to the large computer at his side. “Computer, select M.A.S.K. agents best suited for this mission.”

    The computer immediately began working, sounds and lights echoing from the machine as it spoke: Working. Personnel selected:

    Bruce Sato. Mechanical engineer and design specialist.
    Vehicle code name: Rhino
    Alex Sector. Computer and communications expert.
    Rhino systems commander.
    Dusty Hayes. Auto and Marine Stunt Driver.
    Vehicle code name: Gator
    Gloria Baker. Champion Race Driver. Black Belt in Kung Fu.
    Co-Pilot: Gator

    “Assemble Mobile Armored Strike Command!”


    Matt entered the room and took his seat at the table. His gaze took in those around him and he spoke crisply. “I’ll make this brief. Members of V.E.N.O.M. have led several squads of BATs and Crimson Guardsmen in an attack on Fort Stewart, Georgia. Gen. Hawk’s called us to put Mayhem and his cronies in their place.”

    “Well, shoot,” Dusty drawled. “I thought it was going to be something important, Matt. I left that pizza cooling for nothing.” The others around the table chuckled as Dusty smirked.

    “I’ll buy you a slice,” Matt responded good-naturedly. “We’ll go to New York after we’re done if you want.”

    “Chicago’s better,” Gloria piped in. She ran her fingers through her hair. “Seriously, though. Just the five of us against all that?”

    “You’re the equal of any five Guardsmen Gloria,” Matt told her. “And together we can all take on V.E.N.O.M. and those BATs.” He placed his hand on the table’s surface. “All right then. Let’s go. The transport’s been prepped for us.”

    With that, Matt pressed a button on the table and it rose upward into the area holding the MED - the Mask Energizing Device. A moment later, the ceiling opened up, revealing a machine with several arms, each holding a Mask.

    Again, Matt pressed a button and the group watched as the device activated each Mask. Slowly, the arms lowered and each member of the team took their Mask and placed them on their heads. There was a brief glint from inside the helmets and an odd, almost subliminal, buzz. The M.A.S.K. team rose from their seats and made their way toward their vehicles.

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