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Thread: Found this Prototype -- Need experts opinion. Is this He-Man?

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    Found this Prototype -- Need experts opinion. Is this He-Man?

    So most recently, I acquired a few boxes of prototypes. Mainly wax and plastic pieces. This original wax piece was in one of the boxes. I have a second one as well, just not the bottom half but I am still looking to see all of what I have, as there is a lot of stuff. Anyone know what I have here? It's about 3 inches in height...and I am just curious and interested in hearing some opinions and thoughts. I had thought myself that it was He-Man....but I can't say for certain. If it is, does anyone have an idea of what line it might be from? Thanks!

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    Definitely looks like He-Man. It's not for the actual action figure. Could have been for a licensed product of some kind, like a game

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    It's probably just the picture, but is that a mustache?

    Assuming Lich Leech (and I think that's a good chance), could it be the He-Men M.U.S.C.L.E. men? Or a toothbrush holder (missing leg)?

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