hi heres a pitch for some ideas i had for a star wars/talespin crossover

A few months after The Second Death Star was destroyed and a year before the Battle of Jakku, Luke sets out to find Jedi Relics that might help him rebuild the Jedi Order. he senses something from Wild Space. Luke decides to go there with R2 and 3PO accompanying him. he then arrives at an unknown system where he's sensed the disturbance in the force. but as he entered the third planet's atmosphere, he finds out the planet is in a age of Aerial Dominance as he sees a cargo plane (not Baloo but a different pilot) being attacked by Don Karnage and his Air Pirates. Luke then rescues the cargo plane and shoots down two of the pirates but is shot down by the Iron Vulture. Luke then crashes on an island.

a few days later at Louie's the pilot that Luke saved was telling the story on how he saw a "martian ship" and how it crashed on an island but of course people made fun of him. Kit was interested in finding it but Baloo reminds him that they don't transport cargo intended for the Cape Suzette museum that includes unearthed Jedi and Sith artifacts (including skeletons of the fallen warriors) that Katie Dodd discovered, Becky would chew them out. but meanwhile, a small Imperial Remnant fleet commanded by an force sensitive warlord who wants noticed a disturbance in the force he then tells his fleet to jump to wherever he is sensing it .

that's what i got so far. i was thinking Luke meets the gang by saving Molly from the Pirates and of course Becky would scream and faint at the sight of Luke and his droids. one idea includes Sher Khan catching one of the droids or finding a lightsaber.

so what do you think?