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Thread: timeline pt 3 - masters of the universe - enjoy and comment

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    timeline pt 3 - masters of the universe - enjoy and comment

    This is the big one. A timeline of when Prince Adam becomes He-man up to the Second Ultimate Battleground. Its a mammoth read and is as accurate as I can make it. It combines the classics, masters mondays, cartoons, books, comics and magazines. enjoy and comment


    Adams 16th birthday
    Zanthor betrays Eternia and gives the Golden Discs of knowledge to Skeletor
    Zanthor is banished to Phantom Zone by the Council of Elders (II)
    With new knowledge from the Golden Discs, Skeletor brings down the mystic wall and attacks the royal palace
    Man-at-Arms takes Adam to see the Sorceress at Grayskull
    Adam is given the electronic version of the Sword of He
    Adam becomes He-man and Cringer becomes Battlecat
    He-man rescues the Masters and Randor from Skeletor and his forces
    Adam and Stratos head to Avion to enter into talks with the Andreenids about trade route disputes. Adam is kidnapped by Skeletor but is freed by the Masters

    Teela becomes captain of the guard
    Orko finds a shard of the Shakarran Crystal, Skeletor joins the shard with the rest of the crystal. He-man touches it and battles the demon, Scourge
    A war between the Avians and Andreenids instigated by Skeletor is averted
    Buzz Off joins the Masters
    A Corodite Crystal is found in the Sea of Rakash and transforms a giant fish, which Merman uses to attack Grayskull
    Evil Lyn steals the Ram Stone from her father the Faceless One, although after a battle with He-man she secretly returns it
    Evil Lyn poses as a Siren to make Ram-man betray the Masters by stealing the immobilizer
    Teela is injured and becomes telepathic for a short while after a blood transfusion from the Sorceress
    Skeletor learns the power of the Elders is held within Grayskull
    Chief Carnivus of the Felis Qadi joins Randors council
    Teela and Adam free a mother dragon from a rockslide. Skeletor uses her four young dragons to attack Grayskull, the mother recognises He-man as the one who saved her and calls off the young dragons
    Skeletor searches for the Diamond Ray of Disappearance
    Man-at-Arms constructs a belt that means Skeletor can do no evil and it works until it is destroyed in battle
    Count Marzo returns as an old man and trick Mekaneck into retrieving his magic amulet. Marzo is defeated when He-man throws his amulet into the Sea of Eternia
    Skeletor causes Mount Barathrum to erupt so he can use Shadow Beasts to attack Grayskull
    Skeletor tries to gain access to Grayskull through Subternia
    Randor negotiates peaces between the Caligars and Speleans. Lord dactus and Ceratus join Randors council
    Skeletor travels to the forbidden Isle of Anwat-Gar to get the Legacy Stones
    Sy-klone joins the Masters after the legacy stones ate destroyed
    Skeletor recruits Tuvar and Baddhra, after failing their mission they are combined into Two-Bad
    Karg finds for the Dagger of Agony and names it Crucia

    Adams 18th birthday
    He-man searches for the Talismans of Cosmos, Sea and Sky to combine the Power Sword
    He-man finds the Talisman of Sky in the city of Avion, the Talisman is found in one of Eternia’s aquatic cities and finally the Talisman of the Cosmos is found in the village that Oo-lar came from protected by Cecil.
    He-man takes the talismans to Zodak who gives He-man the location of the two halves of the Power Sword.
    He-man combines the two halves of the Power Sword and channels the full Power of Grayskull
    He-mans electronic power sword is kept in Grayskull until it is needed again
    Perkado is performing at the royal palace
    Skeletor using a magic potion changes Perkado into a monster. Perkado kidnaps Teela to sacrifice to a demon. He-man battles the demon while the Goddess and Skeletor battle for Perkados soul. Perkado ends up with a human, monster and robot persona
    Perkado joins the Masters as Man-e-Faces
    Skeletor finds a Padawan stone and with it locates the Altar of Schneidor and gets his hand on the Elixir of Schneidor. He uses the elixir to power a transporter to get him into Grayskull
    Parts of Avion disappear and suddenly they are attacked by bat like creatures. The Sorceress reveals that they were from an Anti-Eternia n Man-at-Arms is also an opposite. Anti-Man-at-Arms escapes and heads to Grayskull and Skeletor tries to take advantage of this. Anti-Man-at-Arms is sent back to his dimension and the machine is destroyed
    Skeletor finds the Magic Stealer and tries to absorb Eternias magic
    Roboto is created from technology from the planet Robotica
    Roboto is destroyed when he defeats Skeletors bone monsters, but is upgraded and joins the Masters
    Trapjaw tries to steal Eternium from the Kulataks in the Ice Mountain
    King Chooblah joins Randors council
    The Masters and the evil warriors clash in the Scorched Valley
    Tri-klops salvages wrecked sky sleds and reverse engineers them to create war sleds

    Beastman travels to Subternia and kidnaps the queen of the Kex and enslaves her people
    The Obelisk rises and is destroyed when He-man and Skeletor use it simultaneously
    Geldor kidnaps Torgul, Grand Vizier of Vaderia in order to locate the mythical Secret Liquid of Life. Vaderia’s heroic Prince Dakon seeks the help the Masters. He-man confronts Geldor in his stronghold in Ogre Mountain and during the battle, the Liquid of Life is spilled and a great Life Tree rises up, apparently swallowing Geldor in the process.
    Leon of the Golden Isle joins the palace guards after helping He-man defeat plant creatures
    The Temple of Darkness rises in the Sands of Time and Skeletor fails to gain its power
    Skeletor uses the Shadowmen to get mentalite to focus his telepathic power to lure Teela and He-man into a trap
    Skeletor uses magic to transport Grayskull to the Shadow Lands
    Skeletor tries to gain access to Grayskull through Subternia
    Lady Irena, a friend of Adam is trapped in a bubble and replaced with a demon of Skeletors to try and kill the royal family
    Skeletor finds the hidden pieces of the ancient Gar weapon, the Sunbird to destroy the royal palace
    Man-at-Arms builds Faker
    Faker is tested out when Prince Adam is unable to change into He-man when Skeletor attacks the palace
    Faker is damaged in the battle and dumped in the royal junkyard
    Tri-klops finds the damaged Faker and takes it back to Snake Mountain
    Tri-klops reprograms Faker and turns him blue under orders from Skeletor

    Skeletor gains control of the Cosmic Comet
    Evil Lyn uses the Shaping Staff to kidnap Randor
    Orko accidentally send the Power Sword to the past
    Skeletor discovers the diamond ray of disappearance
    Skeletor possesses Phantos’ Queen Elmora. Strong-arm uses Skeletor to get revenge on Queen Elmora for banishing him
    Skeletor recruits Fang Man after discovering his ability to control the dragons of Eternia
    Teela discovers her mother is the Sorceress from the Oracle of the Crystal Sea, the Sorceress wipes Teelas mind of that knowledge
    Skeletor steals the Spellstone from the Fire People
    Evil Lyn unleashes the Creeping Horak on Eternos city
    Skeletor uses the Wheel of Infinity to go back in time to destroy Grayskull
    Skeletor uses the dragon pearl to control Eternias dragons
    A city of the ancients is discovered and the Sword of the Ancients is found. He-man merges the Power Sword with the Sword of Ancients to defeat the demons brought to life by the Masks of Power
    Evil Lyn steals cordite from the Widgets
    Trap Jaw mass produces serpentoid machines in Stardica
    Skeletor awakes Colossor
    The Siege of Avion - Skeletor with the help of the Ilkorts uses the emerald staff of Avion to raise the demon Molkram. Delores regains the staff but is injured by Molkrom. He-man defeats the demon and Delores is healed by the Golden Egg of Avion and the Emerald Staff
    Orko accidentally conjures Daimar from the dark dimension
    Skeletor raises Preternian beasts from the Tar Swamps
    Evil Lyn casts a spell to increase Clawfuls intelligence
    Skeletor sends He-man to Draedus where he defeats Plundor
    Orko travel back to Trolla with Dree-elle to save it from Dragoon
    Adams cousin Jeremy steal a rock softener
    Triklops uses the growth globe to try and destroy Grayskull from within
    Skeletor kidnaps Celice to use her voice to open Grayskull, leaving the city of Tahryn in danger
    Aaron comes from Trolla and teams up with Eternian villain Spydra
    Orko accidentally frees Evil Seed who tries to take over Eternia with its plants, Mossman helps the masters defeat him
    Mossman rejoins the Masters after many centuries
    Kor is used by Skeletor to unleash the Crimson Scourge on Eternia
    Tauron uses a magic amulet to force Montork to attack He-man
    Sibylline attempts to raise the Master of Tears
    He-man rescues Randor from the Shadow Beasts
    Skeletor uses a white hole to send Grayskull to another dimension
    Queen Balina and her wizard free Lodar from the catacombs under Targa. He helps her usurp Princess Rana. He-man and Garn free the city banishing Lodar once more
    He-man uses the vho to save Hovar and his son from the kraken on Selfie Island
    The Tree People and Cave People fight for custody of the Star-Child
    Man-at-Arms is turned into glass and is saved by Granamyr
    Lord Tyron and Lady Valtira awake from their 200 year slumber
    Skeletor tries to obtain the Star-Seed
    Rago steals the moonstones to power a machine to take over Eternia
    Danavas uses a dragon to attack the royal palace
    He-man liberates Arcadias male slaves
    Skeletor chains a dragon to his armour and uncovers and enslaves Battle Bones. Battle bones help the Masters defeats Skeletor
    Skeletor uses a stone tablet of the ancients to create a zero energy weapons to freeze River Doom flooding the area around Grayskull
    Prince Amberis of the City of Auriconia travels to explore Eternia and is captured by merchants. Adam buys the prince and they find out who he is and return him to his kingdom
    Skeletor discovers the ancient shrine in the Iron Mountains and attempts to steal their treasures
    He-man helps former queen of Eternia Xerxas spirit move on
    Skeletor and Evil Lyn steal the magical lodestone from the dwarves of the Iron Forest. Skeletor uses this to become almost as strong as He-man
    While on a cruise, Skeletor freezes the sea around the royal family in order to capture them
    Skeletor tries to gain the Cosmic Clock to freeze time
    Skeletor’s Skelcons build a giant iron robot to destroy He-man and steal the Power Sword
    Skeletor uses wyverns to kidnap Stratos’ wife Delora, with the help of the dwarves of the Ice Mountain He-man rescues her
    Skeletor steals Amaxa, the queen of Tarn’s magical crown throwing Tarn into chaos
    Skeletor steals Robotos heart and making him evil and attacking the Masters until he breaks free
    He-man and Zodac stop the Anti-planet destroying worlds in its path
    Skeletor resurrects an army of magical skeletons. The only way to stop them is to destroy their graves

    Masque raises the Temple of Darkness and frees Shotoki and her sleeping beast
    Trapjaw becomes super-powered after obtaining eternium
    Orko loses his powers after an accident with a gronk
    Evil Lyn and Tavor release Dark Dream from the Chamber of Darkness
    Man-at-Arms accidentally awakens the Zactons in a City of Ancients in the Sands of Time
    Trapjaw and Beastman steal the Jewel of Protection and place it in the royal palace hoping the Gryphon will destroy the palace
    Webstor is woken from hibernation and joins the evil warriors
    Nepthu while still searching for Count Marzos amulet, discovers the Sun Scarab in the Temple of the Sun and is transformed into a young wizard
    Thinking she killed her father Teela exiles herself to the desert
    Zanthor escapes the Phantom Zone and leads He-man to the Golden Discs of Knowledge. He is forgiven for his crimes and joins the Cosmic Enforcers
    Skeletor builds the world convertor and releases Anti-He-man from the world of Anti-Eternia
    Skeletor gains access to the Magic Mirrors of the Enchanted Mountain and despite the wizard Motta’s warning uses them to try and defeat the Masters
    Skeletor uses his stone ray to create an army of golems
    Skeletor awakens the Behemoth in the labyrinth below the Plains of Perpetua
    The Eterniathlon is held
    Skeletor diverts the River of Rain in the Mystic Mountains and forces the fishermen there to search for eternium
    A small group of robots land on Eternia to return the knowledge they had gathered over the centuries to an ancient hidden city beneath the Sands of Time
    Skeletor tries to convince the Snow Queen of the snow castle in the Icelands to join him
    Skeletor uses the Jewel of Ages to turn Teela against the masters
    Skeletor uses his magic to create his jungle maze of doom around the royal palace
    He-man helps evacuate the City of Marais when it begins to sink
    A meteor crashes to Eternia and breaks apart, the meteor pieces then mutate the living creatures near it
    Evil Lyn enchants a necklace to put Teela into a coma
    Adam is kidnapped and held in a crystal cage under devil falls until he is rescued by Man-at-Arms and Teela
    Webstor kidnaps Prince Adam and takes him to his Arachna allies under Snake Mountain
    He-man and the Master are trapped in the Valley of Monsters
    Skeletor creates the Monstones to try and break into Grayskull
    Skeletor tries to overthrow Duke Taboc ruler of Lorin with demons
    Skeletor locates the Stone of Nimyar in the Forbidden Cave of the Nimyar Warriors. the stone gives the holder the power to turn good to evil. it was hidden by the ancients
    Skeletor finds the ancient chest that belonged to the Falazz Warriors. Skeletor unleashes the Falazz Smoke but is unable to control it. It begins to cover Eternia. Sy-Klone whips it up into a whirlwind and puts it in the abyss around Grayskull
    He-man taps into the Powers of Grayskull increasing his own strength with his thunder punch

    Skeletor kidnaps the Ice Lords daughter and ransoms her in exchange for the royal family
    Merman kidnaps the princess Nami and uses the pearl of power to raise Lorbos and control the people of Aquatica
    Clawful and Trapjaw steal the Horn of Evil from Trolla
    Negator kidnaps Teela and forces He-man to play his 3D game
    Skeletor uses the the Sea of Eternity to deplete the oxygen on Eternia
    He-man and Man-at-Arms lose their weapon to Rock People who battle to lead their people
    Monteeg the Collector come to Eternia to add He-man to his collection which includes Hannibal and Blackbeard
    Kothos attempts to steal power from the Fountain of Life guarded by the wizard Mallek, of Stone Mountain
    Granamyr calls He-man to be the dragon, Torm’s champion so that he may marry the human, Lyra. The wizard Zem, the demon Braflok and Granamyrs archenemy, Shadow Wing challenge him.
    Man-at-Arms friend Rohad is poisoned and he travels to Mount Zelite for the antidote
    The Keeper captures Orko and the giant Cambro
    Webstor uses the grimalkin from the Temple of the Cat in the Vine Jungle to unleash a demon but it is defeated by He-man and Kittarina
    The Collector comes to Eternia to add He-man to his collection. He is defeated when his ship crashes and he loses his memory and wanders Eternia.
    An earthquake releases the Energy Beast from a temple on Mount Eternia and He-man must find the Eternian Crystal to banish it once more
    Lord Todd kidnaps Teela to be a queen in his life size chess set
    Batros attempts to steal the records and books from all Eternia to discover the secrets of the ancients
    Morgoth returns to Eternia but with Stridor’s help he is defeated
    Stridor is set free by Man-at-Arms
    Andra becomes Lieutenant in the palace guards
    Stratos’ sister Hawke allows Skeletor to steal the Egg of Avion
    Draego-Man discovers Skeletor's plans to enslave his dragon kin to use them as weapons against the Royal Palace
    Draego-Man joins Skeletor's Evil Warriors seeking revenge against all who betrayed him
    Webstor and Kobra Khan steal dragons from Dark Smoke
    Adam and Orko accident use the Sylcons time wheel to bring the evil King Tamusk to the present
    The Tycons thought to be extinct are awakened by the Andreenids
    Evil Lyn shrinks the Masters while they are on Phantos
    Two astronauts, carrying a missile on their ship, from earth slip through the same rift Marlena came from. Skeletor steals the missile planning to use it
    Darid becomes Sky High and helps Man-at-Arms upgrade various vehicles
    The Collector regains his memories and teams up with Skeletor to defeat He-man
    Merman forces the Mermaid people to use their song to draw people from the surface to build an underwater base for Skeletor
    Skeletor kidnaps Stratos’ sister during her wedding
    Whilst Adam is visiting his fathers cousin King Sullei in Silvanos, the volcano erupts threatening the city. He-man rescues the Oracle of Silvanos as well as the city
    While visiting Avion, Teela is kidnapped by Skeletor and Triklops
    Eternias sun is eclipsed by the lesser and greater moon
    Skeletor invades the Village of the Spinners in a plot to kidnap Prince Adam
    Skeletor kidnaps Lizard Man and offers him to the Zuva-rex, he is rescued by Man-at-Arms and Sky High
    Evil-lyn uses her necklace to create witches to terrify the people of the Western Hill
    Man-at-Arms is turned evil by hypo-gas and uses a machine to aid Skeletor
    The Masters and evil warriors fight for control of the Jewel of Fire
    Skeletor uses a spell to rein meteors down on Eternia
    Two Bad creates a crawl bomb with enough power to destroy Eternos
    Skeletor uses faker to cause chaos on a small island settlement in order to bait he-man
    Ronur is injured and Man-at-Arms puts him in his new gyromachine and transforms him into rotar. Skeletor steals the gyromachine and creates Twistoid
    Skeletor enslaves the Mole-men of Subternia to gain entrance to the royal palace
    Kale the demon returns to Eternia to destroy it
    An eclipse heightens Skeletors power
    Skeletor attacks the royal palace through a portal in the Cave of Karnak
    The demon Krrylak arrives on Eternia and imprisons the Sorceress
    Skeletor uses the Talisman of Sight to blind the people of Eternos
    Faker kidnaps Queen Marlena
    Skeletor and Beastman travel to Monster Island to try and control the demon Konzilla

    Adam travels to Etheria in Despondos and discovers the threat of the ancient Horde
    Adam finds his twin sister Adora
    Adam gives Adora the Sword of Protection, she becomes She-ra
    After freeing Bright Moon from the Horde, Adora decides to stay on Etheria

    Orko and Cringer become victim of the Talgoth
    Skeletor plans on crashing a small volcanic island into the new Eternian dam
    The demon god Sh’gora returns to Eternia. The Masters and the evil warriors work together to banish the demon
    The Tingler lives on mount fear has to find food and comes down from the mountain, mistaken for a monster even though he is gentle and friendly
    Whiplash fails to obtain the Ice Raider from Kind Randor. Skeletor recruits Icer and orders him to take over the northern weather station to create cold weather all over Eternia
    Skeletor tries to instigate a war between the bright moon and the dark moon
    In Subternia the Belots begin stealing crops from above ground
    Kobra Khan and Merman kidnap queen Marlena
    Adam, Randor Man-at-Arms Orko and Teela are captured by Skeletor but are rescued by Queen Marlena
    Skeletor attempts to steal energy crystals from King Boreas in the ice kingdom of Morainia
    Teela takes three students into the mystical forest where they steal the jet crawler and end up at Snake Mountain
    Karg develops an obsession with Lieutenant Andra and shows his love in various sick and twisted ways
    Adams cousin Prince Dal is moved to the palace while Torcs attack Dyperia
    Space pirates attack the town of Pax
    Merman tries to flood the Widgets fortress to steal their corodite
    The Widget Squinch is fooled into helping Skeletor kidnap He-man and Battlecat
    Skeletor takes the life bringer from the hidden Stone City and awakes Vokan
    Orko finds a map to the Temple of the Wolf which holds the ancients Book of Spells
    He-man loses his powers when exposed to poisonous swamp water
    He-man takes one of his biggest fans, a little blind boy, to find the singing crystals
    Kothos returns and tries to take revenge on Evil Lyn for turning him into a sand slug
    Teela has to impersonate her mother the Sorceress when Skeletor transports Zoar and He-man to another dimension
    Squonge arrives from Trolla and causes Orko to get kidnapped by the Slavemaster and his robot Jawbreaker
    After thinking he killed an innocent Adam throws his sword into the abyss. When he finds that it was General Tartaran in disguise, he recovers the sword and defeats the goblin army
    The wizard Hexon stops time so the emperor of Sambar can appeal to the Council of Seasons to rule for another year
    Skeletor steals Man-at-Arms duplicator and creates miniature skeltoids which overrun the palace
    Woock steals the Power Sword and makes He-man solve puzzle and games to retrieve it
    An archeologist find the ancient Sword of Goman which gives the wielder invincibility, Skeletor tries to gain the power of the sword but is defeated by He-man
    Skeletor kidnaps the artist Ahktar to forge war plans to trick King Conbar of the White City of Menod into declaring war on Eternos
    Merman unleashes the demon Gorgon from it’s underwater lair
    Skeletor kidnaps the children of Maxor to become slaves
    Skeletor uses the magnetic fields to plunge Eternia into an ice age. Zodac will help if He-man can move a mountain, stop the sea and catch the moon
    Skeletor and Evil Lyn use the flowers of molock to put the royal court of Eternos to sleep
    Whilst trying to gain a potion from Jodder, Skeletor accidentally turns Kobra Khan into a giant
    Skeletor rescues the criminal Barton from interplanetary lawmen. In thanks he gives Skeletor a machine which allows him to control he-man
    Beastman uses his powers to make Cringer aggressive and attack Prince Adam

    Skeletor discovers the Mirror of Moravad and creates an evil double Kol Darr. Evil Kol Darr is defeated when he meets the Guardian of Grayskull
    Morningstar tries to instigate a war between humans and dragons
    Zargraz is kidnapped by Skeletor who uses him to unleash meteorites on the royal palace
    He-man, Mossman and Melaktha travel to the Isle of Avathar and discover the Mirror of Avathar
    Beastman and the evil scientist Maddok use the anger beam to turn animals into savage creatures
    Kobra Khan asks the Masters to help his people the Reptons relight the eternal flame before they succumb to permanent hibernation
    Kobra Khan is imprisoned
    Azdar, Belzar and Chazdar steal the Crystal of Prasinus from Veridas, after being initially beaten by them Buzz Off with the help of the Masters defeat them
    Kobra Khan escapes prison. and rejoins the evil warriors in a plan to resurrect King Hsss
    Kobra Khan opens the Void where the Hsss and the Snakemen are trapped
    He-man and Zodak close the void but Khan and Rattlor escape
    Man-at-Arms is almost mortally wounded by claw guys while visiting Dekker on Orca Islands
    Ophidius becomes Stinkor and joins the evil warriors
    Two Bad gathers the Triad of Discidium and casts the Spell of Separation accidentally beginning to separate the planet
    The evil warriors are imprisoned by the Masters
    Skeletor assembles his Council of Evil - Azdar, Belzar, Chazdar, Webstor, Marzo and Evil Seed
    Count Marzo steals the Ram Stone
    The Masters are nearly defeated by the Council of Evil
    The Eternian Council meets for the first time but Beastman controls dragons and serpintaurs to attack them
    Teela is drawn to Peleezea where her mother once visited, Stinkor attacks his former hometown with Skeletors bone monsters
    The blacksmith Kleffton is fused with an enchanted suit of spiked armor and a mystic trident when he attempts to steal a sacred scroll from the high priests of Nordling. He is banished from his home and wanders into the Sands of Time as an outcast.
    The sentient plant Osira is blown to Eternia on space winds and Skeletor steals her children to make her attack and poison Teela, Orko and Battlecat
    Skeletor seeks the Statue of Agar to become leader of the Wolf Clan
    Adams cousin Michael is stranded on Lizard Island
    Skeletor tries to convince Rio Blast to join his forces in exchange for returning him to the Frontier
    The Torlocks are accidentally freed from their ancient prison until He-man and the Sorceress trap them again
    Skeletor uses the Spell of Light releasing Scareglow from Infintia and also summoning Ninjor, Blade and Blast Attack
    Scareglow is given the Sycthe of Doom by Skeletor
    Ninjor reports back to Horde Prime on Skeletors actions
    Saurod breaks out of the Prison Starr and rides a meteor shower to Eternia
    Skeletor gains a fragment of the Darkstar, Skeletor uses the fragment to weaken He-man. The Darkstar fragment is destroyed but in reality is stolen by Scareglow who it in the Cavern of Defiled Ones
    He-man taps into the Powers of Graysull and gains his Battle Armour
    Skeletor forges his battle armour once again
    Man-at-Arms invites Clamp Champ to join the Masters
    Stratos and Delora have their son Atmoss


    Skeletor discovers the Book of Evil and the Masters must reunite the ancient Crystal Shield to destroy it
    Sorceress and Zodak have visions of the Snakemen returning
    Evil Lyn along with rattlor and khan steal Zodaks staff and free Hsss and the Snakemen
    Hsss takes back his throne at Snake Mountain and dispatches the evil warriors
    Snake Mountain grows two more heads like Serpos
    He-man uses the Power of Grayskull to enhance his armour into snake armour
    Evil Lyn takes Hsss and his forces to Grayskull where they are defeated when He-man throws Hsss into the abyss where his Snakemen follow
    Skeletor returns to Snake Mountain and the two extra heads disappear
    Skeletor tracks down Evil Lyn and plans to sacrifice her to the pool of shadows but is rescued by He-man.
    The remaining Snakemen find the tablet of the elders and take it to Hsss in subternia
    Marlena meets with King Tauriuas of the Mintaurans in an effort to get him to join the Eternian Council
    Marlena crash lands in the Corridors of Lithos, the Snakemen try to track her down but Randor and Battlecat rescue her
    King Hsss steals the ancient Pyramid of Myrabium to heat up Eternia’s atmosphere
    Sortech an ancient scientist tests He-man and Skeletor by giving them battle armour to fight each other. Skeletor tries to steal the device that keeps Sortech alive but He-man stops him and repairs it saving his life
    Using the Tablet of the Elders, Hsss finds the Serpents Ring in the Sea of Rakash
    Lord Dactys, Clamp Champ and Chief Carnivus rescue Princess Vess from Skeletor
    Hsss uses the Serpents Ring to turn the village of Felis Folia into Snakemen. Man-at-Arms is transformed into a Snakeman. Hsss then climbs the Ophidian Spire to use the Serpents Ring to cast his spell over Eternia He-man stops him and casts the Ring and Spire into the sun
    Hordak comes to Skeletor and commands he frees him from Despondos
    Skeletor goes to Hordaks sanctuary and destroys it
    Webstor invades Andreenis and consumes ambrosia birthing spider monsters. The Masters try to help but are buried under an avalanche. Fisto rescues them and they find an injured Webstor, The Snakemen having eaten his hatchlings n stolen the ambrosia. Man-at-Arms gives Fisto a new bionic hand
    The Battle of Gretori Bridge
    Jitsu is wounded by Fisto at the battle, and has his hand replaced by a golden robotic implant by Tri-Klops.
    Kleffton is recruited by Skeletor and becomes known as Spikor. Spikor serves Skeletor by creating new arms and armor.
    Skeletor uses a machine to make the giant Eternian bats attack the Royal Palace
    Hsss captures Caligars to man a drilling machine so he can find the temple of Serpos. The Caligars think the Speleans are responsible for their disappearance. The Masters discover the truth but Hsss makes his escape with Medallion of Serpos
    Evil Lyn rescues the frail Marzo and in exchange for him summon Hordak back from Despondos transforms him back to himself
    Hsss prepares to awaken Serpos but Khan informs him that Evil Lyn is about to release Hordak
    Hsss n some Snakemen head to the Well of Darkness
    Evil Lyn and Count Marzo head to the Well of Darkness to summon Hordak back to Eternia
    He-man engages the Snakemen in battle
    He-man destroys the Well of Darkness before Hordak can cross over. Evil Lyn is poisoned by the magics she used at the Well of Darkness
    Hsss plots to raise Serpos
    Hsss tries to strike a deal with the Faceless One of Zalesia but he refuses to help. The Faceless One contacts Skeletor to try and get his help but he demands the dying Evil Lyn be brought to him
    The Faceless One goes back to Hsss and says he will help raise Serpos if Hsss brings Evil Lyn, Skeletor n the Havoc Staff to him in Zalesia
    Hsss breaks into Snake Mountain recovers the staff and Skeletor
    Rattlor and Khan break into the palace to retrieve Evil Lyn n are captured by the Masters
    The King, Man-at-Arms and He-man let the Snakemen escape with Evil Lyn in hope to find out the Snakemen plans
    The Snakemen take Evil Lyn to the ruins of Zalesia
    The Faceless One gives Hsss the amulet of Serpos
    Evil Lyn is healed and taken away by Skeletor
    Skeletor and the evil warriors scatter as Hsss uses the Medallion to awaken Serpos
    Serpos destroys the royal palace
    Hsss takes Serpos to Grayskull
    The Sorceress is wounded by king Hsss’ venom
    Zodak hypnotises Hsss and decapitates him
    He-man cuts off two of Serpos heads with a blade within his Power Sword
    The Council of Elders (II) emerge from Grayskull to trap Serpos back in Snake Mountain
    The remaining Snakemen scatter
    Khan assumes control of a group of surviving Snakemen known as the Diabolical Snakes
    Khan brings news to Skeletor that Hsss survives in an Eternian prison unknown to them Khan is baiting him
    Man-at-Arms has constructed a prison to house Hsss and his Snakemen
    The evil warriors break Hsss out, The Masters fail to stop the escape
    Hsss is brought to Snake Mountain and imprisoned in a dark cell where he regenerates and escapes
    Skeletor and Hsss engage in battle, Hsss gains the upper hand when the Masters arrive
    Hsss escapes with Man-at-Arms as his prisoner
    With a remaining shard of the Ophidian Spire he transforms Man-at-Arms back into a Snakeman. The remaining Snakemen go into hiding at the Temple of Serpos rebuilding their ranks and waiting.
    Fang-or assists snake Man-at-Arms build vehicles to use against Eternias heroes
    Clawful discovers the location of the Crimson Countess and removes the stake immobilising her
    The Crimson Countess declines Skeletors offer to join the evil warriors
    The queen of the Andreenids matures and takes her throne
    Waspus challenges Queen Andreeno, Buzz Off is chosen as her champion
    Waspus poisons Buzz Off’s ambrosia but he is saved when He-man uses the Power of Grayskull on him. Waspus is beaten by Buzz Off and joins the evil warriors
    The Sorceress arranges a mission with Teela to the Elder's training citadel in the Polar Ice Cap. The Sorceress reveals to Teela her true heritage. Teela trains with the Sorceress until the venom overtakes her


    Spikor forges Skeletor an armor forged in the fires of Draego-ma
    Skeletor sends Blade, Karg, Saurod and Beastman to find Gwildor and the Cosmic Key.
    They track down Gwildor and steal his Cosmic Key.
    Skeletor uses the Cosmic Key to beam himself and his armies inside the Royal Palace
    Randor is banished to Despondos by Skeletor.
    Skeletor uses Faker to convince the royal court that He-Man is not only a Gar, but also responsible for the King's apparent death. The people of Eternia turn against He-Man
    The Masters of the Universe become renegades and are driven underground to the caves of Tunduria.
    Skeletor takes over the throne and becomes King Skeletor.
    King Skeletor dismantles the Eternian Royal Guards
    Kobra Khan is given camouflage powers by King Skeletor so he and his diabolical snakes can steal the spell stone of Helios and the polariser of Shezar to try and access Grayskull.
    He-man forges new armour in the fire of Granamyr
    Sy-klone discovers an ancient Gar star cruiser in Subternia
    Sy-klone discovers the hidden kingdom of Gar Firian where many of the Gar had hidden themselves
    He-man and Sy-klone defend Gar Firian from Skeletors robots
    King Malkor and the Gar join the resistance
    The Battle of Zot
    Karg is defeated by Lieutenant Andra and sent to the Prison Starr
    He-man challenges King Skeletor and a battle across the cosmos begins
    He-man and King Skeletor battle on Robotica
    He-man and King Skeletor battle on Earth in the Serengeti, He-man is helped by a brave tribesman
    He-man stores the Cosmic Key inside Castle Grayskull
    Gwildor fakes his death and escapes into the future
    The Renegade Masters prepare to take back the royal palace
    The renewed Snakemen return with the aid of Man-at-Arms machines of destruction
    Meckaneck is transformed into a Snakeman
    Kobra Khan manages to gain the Havoc Staff to help Hsss increase his powers
    Khan manipulates Hssss into demoting Rattlor.


    The renewed Snakemen return with the aid of Man-at-Arms machines of destruction
    Meckaneck is transformed into a Snakeman
    Kobra Khan manages to gain the Havoc Staff to help Hsss increase his powers
    Khan manipulates Hssss into demoting Rattlor.
    Shadow Weaver corrupts the Crimson Crystal
    Shadow Weaver reaches out to Evil Lyn and they create a stable bridge from Etheria
    Hordak launched his warships to Eternia
    Hordak overthrows King Skeletor and takes the royal palace
    Imp is named lord of Eternos
    Hordak drives the Snakemen back
    Hordak takes over Eternia.
    Hordak creates a machine to mass produce his Horde soldiers
    With the help of Light Hope Adora follows Hordak through a Lasergate with Frosta, Glimmer, Bow, Jewelstar, Tallstar, Starla, Mermista, Perfuma, Peekablue, Sea Hawk, Sweet Bee.
    Adora joins forces with her brother and the renegade Masters of the Universe in the four-way fight against the Snake-Men, Skeletor, and Hordak
    Rattlor and Tunglashor join the Horde
    Snout Spout and Extendar escape the Horde and joins with the renegade Masters of the Universe.
    Extendar attempts to rescue his old friend Dragstor from the Horde
    Evil-Lyn frees Gygor
    Beastman recruits his beastmen to join Skeletors force
    Goatman is once again a slave of Beastman
    The moons of Eternia align. Hordak and Skeletor search separately for the Klingsor, the Sword of Doom, but He-man reaches it first and destroys it
    Hordak attempts to drop a mountain on Grayskull
    The archaeologist Melakatha discovers the Glove of Globolah which Hordak steals it
    Hordak enslaves the Cat-niks and builds a solar fortress to attack Grayskull
    Hordak creates a droid to hone in on He-man and She-ra’s brainwaves in order to locate and destroy them
    The Horde attacks the village of the Dinoreps
    Hordak uses the Reality Shaper to alter Eternia into a place that worships him
    Hordak tries to transform He-man and She-ra into children so he can raise him as members of the Horde
    Hordak uses one of his teen followers Tom-sern to try and transfer He-man and She-ras personalities into a horde trooper
    Hordak and Skeletor separately vie to gain control of the Asteroid of Doom
    Hordak unleashes a stegosaurus from the Mystic Mountains to attack the Masters and Skeletor
    Flutterina falls in love with Clamp Champ
    Peekablue falls in love with Man-e-Faces

    Hordak creates a super Horde trooper that is near invincible
    Hordak constructs a huge squad of batmex to aid in his conquest of the free people
    Rio-Blast arrives on Eternia after the Horde attacked his homeworld
    Man-at-Arms invents the megalaser and stilt-stalkers
    Hordak creates the Mantisaur
    Hordak attempts to gather a corrosive gas from the planet of Andrill
    A lunar conjunction increases Hordaks magics
    Megator's remains are discovered by King Hsss, who magically reanimates the body and turns Megator into a mindless zombie
    Hordak hires Cy-Chop to bolster his forces against the Snakemen and Masters of the Universe
    Hordak discovers, and frees, the Fighting Foe Men from their glacier prison, who join the Horde army in return for their freedom
    Nephtu joins King Hsss and is again transformed into a powerful wizard
    Hordak attacks the Prison Starr hoping to release its prisoner to join his ranks
    Hordak unleashes the Monstroid in one of his battles against the Masters
    Horde Prime gathers the evil warriors, the Horde and the Snakemen to enact a plan to destroy eternia
    Skeletor plots to use a spell to turn a baby dragon into a full grown dragon to attack Grayskull but is stopped by the combined Hordak and Hsss


    Lord Gr’asp and his horde of snake troops arrive on Eternia
    Lord G’rasp convinces Hsss to join forces with Hordak
    Hsss and Hordak join forces
    Hordak and Hsss plot to unleash a plague on Eternia
    Skeletor summons the Dogs of War

    Teela returns to Castle Grayskull as its new guardian.
    Hordak and Hsss join together to kill the new Sorceress, Quick Flik shoots Zoar with a black alder arrow. He-man must find the Tronyx, the stone of life to heal her
    Hordak and Hsss attack Snake Mountain forcing Skeletor and his evil warriors out
    The Sun Demon is released from the ancient city it was imprisoned in
    Skeletor steals Moduloks particle atomiser to try and gain access to Grayskull
    Anillus Kur unleashes a light storm from Horde World which drives a brigade of the Comet Warriors from their orbit and hurls them through space. Several Comet Warriors, including Rokkon and their leader Stonedar, arrive on Eternia. The Comet Warriors ally themselves with He-man and the Masters of the Universe.
    Hordak with Slymepig builds the Slime Pit
    He-man surrenders himself to Hordak to save Bouldron and Quartzara and is put in the slime pit and becomes evil. He-man tries to kill Skeletor but Stonedar uses the sun stone to free He-man
    Skeletor locates the Bells of Doom in the underwater city of Moraturia in order to control the Snakemen and the Horde

    Hordak and Shadow Weaver discover Sibors tomb and use the netherscroll to resurrect him
    Sibor becomes Wrap Trap
    Randor and Miro return from Despondos
    King Hsss discovers the Eyes of the Serpent
    King Hsss begins his plans to find Viper Tower
    King Hsss uses the Eye of the Serpent to raise the magma snakes to attack Grayskull
    King Hsss finds Viper Tower and uses the Eye of the Serpent to try raise it.
    The Masters defeat the Snakemen but The Three Towers rise
    Terroar is freed in a skirmish with the Snakemen, the Horde and evil warriors. Terroar assimilates the characteristics of several of the warriors. The three factions hunt down Terroar and he unleashes a devastating roar. King Hsss stop Quick Flik from killing him allowing him to escape
    Hordak invades the Central Tower to steal the secret of time travel
    Hordaks body is mutated and his buzz saw is created
    The Battle of Xarkoran
    Vultak leads an assault during the Battle of Xarkoran
    Vultak slays many Avion warriors but is defeated by Stratos
    Plasmars family is slain at the Battle of Xarkoran by the Horde Snakeman alliance
    Plasmar salvages part of the Tamadage Crystal and absorbs its powers giving him the ability to generate weapons from thin air
    Plasmar begins hunting the Snakemen
    Vultak begins to seek the Sunbird weapon to destroy Avion
    Unknown to Skeletor his son Malkyn arrives in Zalesia to be raised in secret by his mother Evil Lyn and the Faceless One
    The Sorceress uses the Cosmic Key to send He-man to preternia
    Skeletor travels back to Preternia
    He-man returns to his time with the knowledge that the Spell of Separation is the key to defeating the Snakemen.


    The Heroic Warriors and Skeletor's Evil Warriors join forces fight against the combined forces of The Horde and The Snakemen
    Spikor forges the Terror Claws for Skeletor
    He-man taps into the orb of Grayskull and gains his flying fists powers
    Saurod kills Squeeze and Snake face in battle
    Evil-Lyn and Gygor fight on the side of the Horde and the Snakemen.
    Clawful leads a battalion of Skeleton Warriors
    The forces of King Randor, King Miro, the Speleans, Quadians, Beast Men, Kulataks, Caligars, Avionians and Andreenids as well as Zodak join in the battle
    King Chooblah leads three battalions of Kulataks against the war machines of the Horde and Snakemen
    The Gar come to the aid of the Masters
    Sky High leads a squadron of Blaster Hawks into battle combating the Horde Boa Jets and King Hsss' Snake Strike Squad
    Evil-Lyn finds herself again allied with Skeletor.
    Blade fights He-man atop of Viper Tower
    Skeletor slays Gygor
    Twistoid is killed by Rotar
    Modulok unleashes Multibot
    Modulok combines with Multibot to create Ultrabeast
    Mermista beheads Merman with his own trident
    Ultrabeast is destroyed by He-man and She-ra
    Wrap Trap is defeated by She-ra when he refuses to attack her because she looks like his lost love Naka-Ra
    Nepthu creates armies of sand to battle the heroic warriors
    The reanimated Megator dies
    The new Sorceress strips a defeated Evil-Lyn of her powers
    Faker is partially destroyed
    Man-at-Arms is mortally wounded by Clamp Champ. Teela, the new Sorceress casts a spell that momentarily restores Man-At-Arm's humanity before he dies
    Many other heroes fall, including Stratos
    Goatman is injured by Buzz Off and dropped at the steps of the Central Tower, crawling inside he slips through a time portal which sends him to the future
    Buzz Off kills Waspus
    Clawful and Whiplash are defeated by the Fearless Photag
    Several hundred griffins are commanded to attack Grayskull Tower to weaken the Master's defense perimeter
    Zodac is assassinated
    He-man and the new Sorceress use a spell to call upon the Power of Grayskull and infuse life into the Spirit of Castle Grayskull
    The Spirit of Castle Grayskull helps to turn the tide
    Lord Gr’asp and Fang-or use tech from the Cosmic Key to escape Eternia with a battalion of snake troopers and rejoins lady slither
    He-man uses his knowledge from Preternia to finally stop King Hsss once and for all - Orko casts the Spell of Seperation to defeat the Snakemen
    King Hsss and the Snakemen die
    Skeletor takes his Havoc Staff back from King Hsss
    Skeletor betrays the Heroic Warriors
    Moss Man helps the Masters of the Universe to win the Second Ultimate Battleground
    Hordak is defeated by Skeletor
    Hordak unleashes his buzz saws injuring Skeletor
    Skeletor absorbs the techno organic virus to heal himself
    Skeletor heads through the laser-gate to the Tri-Solar system


    Glimmer, Frosta, Jewelstar, Tallstar, Starla, Mermista, Perfuma, Bow, Sweet Bee return to Etheria
    Flutterina, Peekablue, Sea Hawk, stays on Eternia
    Meckaneck follows tall star to Etheria
    Granita and many of the comet warriors travel to Etheria
    Sensing Hordak has been defeated and with Skeletor gone the Unnamed One begins his plan to conquer Eternia
    Clamp Champ becomes the new Man-at-Arms
    Tri-Klops salvages Faker
    Clawful and Whiplash are sent to the Prison Starr
    Grizzlor terrorises Eternian villages
    Clamp Champ captures Grizzlor and he is sent to the Prison Starr
    Grizzlor, Mantenna, Mosquitor and Leech are rescued by Inspector Darkney and transported back to Hordeworld
    Strobo is sent to Eternia to investigate Zodac’s death
    Catra joins with Masque to raise Shokoti once again
    Orko is racked with guilt after ending the Snakemen and turns himself invisible and hides in the Evergreen Forest, finding the Oracle who shows him that he didn’t kill the Snakemen but sent them to another dimension. The Oracle also shows Orko, Hsss and his chiefs standing in front of the sinister Serpentia
    Imp escapes capture and hides as a bushtail to avoid being hunted by the renegade Horde
    Imp enters the central tower to bring a past version of Hordak to the present but is stopped by Orko and Kowl
    Imp is imprisoned in the Eternos prison
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    Very thorough and informative!

    (However, Saurod kills Snake-Face and Squeeeze twice during the 2nd UBG...oops!)

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    Looks like a pretty terrific job you've done compiling many aspects!
    Actually wish there'd be annotations to source where certain parts are (book, magazine, etc)

    Shakarran Crystal events happen after Kobra Khan is released. Because at the end of that story it was planned to be him, who steals it.
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