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    Kayo- Finally got around to finishing him. At first i didn't think the parts existed to make a good representation of him, but the more i looked the picture became much clearer. In regards to his armor color, had to choose between the toy colors(silver) and the cartoon colors(brown), felt like the silver was already done so went with the brown. Recipe- twistoid torso with rotor lower body, horde prime arms, flipshot loin and legs, with modified boots, Flipshot's helmeted and unhelmeted head. Armor is a combination of the lower belted part of stratos's jetpack, a fodder circular disc with Darius's armor, bottom portion cut off. Had to change out one of the gray shoulder pieces because i wanted to mount the weapons upgrade from the BlackSmith of Crelus onto them and needed the smaller one. The gun is from a spawn figure, think it really screams Kayo's weapon that gone thru the "Claasicizier" upgrade. Shield is Flipshot's arm launcher, and the two missle launcher's on his shoulders represent the Weapons upgrades he got from Yolt, the blacksmith of Crelus, are from a fodder lot i found. Still need the facemask for the helmeted version if anyone has any good idea hit me up.

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