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Thread: Classics Scale Road Ripper WIP

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    Classics Scale Road Ripper WIP

    Classics scale Road Ripper work in progress. Downloaded a file off thingiverse and increased its size by 25%. I am new to 3d printing and not very good lol. Nozzle too hot and the supports were a b**** to get off. But I dig model kits so looking forward to cleaning it up. One thing I dint like though is the lack of some kind of handlebars. Where should I put em?

    So I got tired of cleaning the mess left by the supports and the eyebrows and mouth never printed well anyways so I figured out how to slice the model up and reprinted the head and front facing up, both are so much cleaner. I'll probably reprint the head to use as the helmet for a custom driver (pics are gooped up with spot filler before sanding).
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    very cool cant wait to see who it comes out when its done

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