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Thread: Do you think this show will have a lasting impact for MOTU?

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    Like Cosmic, in response to the original question, No.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmic View Post
    Just saying hi to this thread to chime in about the original question- I do think that *some* aspects of it will show up in future incarnations. Maybe Depending what those incarnations will be.

    But PsoP gave us a lot more characterization, some back stories, new alliances and of course, relationships, where the original series didnít showcase and elaborate some of the characters. Plus some interesting variations on the designs!
    Itís such wealth of material, and some of it is more ďmodernĒ, I can totally see how it would become part of future lore.

    I for my part really enjoyed the show.
    For my taste, the designs could have used a bit of... weight? Chunkiness? I dunno... And the Fright Zone could have been more unique and scarier. But the series looked very... Now! Thatís what counts.

    And I loved the writing and characterization, the progress of the seasons... Adventure series that have a good sense of humor really strike a chord with me. The characters flowed natural, worked so well with the voice acting.

    Most importantly, it had love. So much love, towards it characters, and love pretty much saved the universe. Couldnít be happier about that outcome.
    I absolutely agree with you Cosmic!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmic View Post
    And the Fright Zone could have been more unique and scarier....
    I agree with this. I also think the series designs could have been a bit more fantasy looking instead of so tech/sci-fi.

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