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Thread: FS: Mythic Legions Figures

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    FS: Mythic Legions Figures

    Hi all,

    I over-purchased Mythic Legions figures getting into the line and I thought I would try to slim my collection down to figures I can actually display.

    Paypal only (mark up by about 2% if you are unwilling to do Friends and Family).

    All prices are before shipping. I will only charge the actual shipping price by USPS. I would prefer to not do international shipping. All prices were set to be lower than the lowest Buy It Now price on eBay.

    If you need references/feedback, my eBay name is the same as my name here (jscott991). Please PM with interest.

    All figures are MIB and have never been opened.

    Advent of Decay (2nd batch) MIB:

    Gwendolynne Heavensbrand x2 $50
    Azza Spiritbender x2 $50
    Iron Knight $40
    Elf Legion Builder $45
    Vampire Legion Builder $38

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