Been gone a long time.... and I know some of these are tough, but I've rediscovered vintage MOTU and need them.
I'm only looking for original stuff. No reproduction items. Thanks.

He-Man - Sword x3
Skeletor - Sword x2
Skeletor - Belt x1
Beast Man - Arm straps (x2)
Dragstor - Ripcord x1
Extendar - Shield x1
Gwildor - Cosmic Key x1
Man-At-Arms - Left arm
Orko - Game Pieces
Saurod - Gun
Scareglow - Halberd (either) and Cape
Zoar - Perch base (bottom) x2
Snake Face - Shield
Sssqueeze - Snake x1
Stratos - Wings (both) x1 each
Teela - headdress x2
Twistoid - stand x1

King Randor (Figure w/crown)

I have PayPal, or, if local, I have cash.