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    Battle Steed

    Battle Steed: So this one came as a surprise to me, I always thought in The SOH He-man Era, Dare rode Battle Cat into battle, but for whatever reason, Battle Cat turned blue and grew a huge mane (like a Lion) when the artist, turns out Mattel decided to separate them into different entities. How do I know this, well i think around 2015, Mattel put out a very detailed poll to MOTUC fans asking specifically about many different characters they wanted and when the got to steeds, one of them called out was Battle Steed, never heard of it before, thought it might have been an a error but everything else in the category was spot on. I went on to ask Catra's wrath -the moderator for the Matty Collector forum if this in fact was correct and he verified it, so there you have it the birth of a new steed for the next generation Of He-man. Not sure if he has an alter ego like his bird Craven (Battle Bird) but might be fleshed out in a Masters Mondays bio some time later, i hope. Recipe: another easy one, really just using the Battle Lion switching out the saddle for a Battle cat adding a bunch of gold highlights to the armor.

    battle steed2.jpg
    battle steed3.jpg
    battle steed1.jpg
    battle steed.jpg
    battle bird.jpg

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    Battle Steed? What a colourful name, facet.
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    Looks great!

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