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Thread: Episode 40: "Horde Prime" (SPOILERS!)

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    Episode 40: "Horde Prime" (SPOILERS!)

    This thread is for the episode 1 of season 5 entitled "Horde Prime."

    Please feel free to discuss anything before and included in the episode.

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    I really like this version of Horde Prime. Definitely a big menace. Also love how Scorpia is easily integrated with the other princesses.

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    Jotting down thoughts as I watch... rather then review the whole thing.

    First episode of the season... I really need to binge the entire run, because I don't remember where we left off...

    But, anyway, we start off with a battle, which is ok. They mention Glimmer is missing, but I don't remember why...

    Entrapta yells, annoying me to no end. And then later is annoying in the middle of a battle where she almost gets herself and Micah killed. Shadow Weaver comes to their rescue. Interesting...

    I like the characterization of Adora doubting herself now that she's not She-Ra (even though I don't remember why)

    Horde Prime is more interesting this way than as a weird giant sitting in the sky hanging out as he was in the old show. This character is a breath of fresh air as a villain.

    However, Frosta is my most maligned change to this show. I just can't get used to her this way...

    Overall, a solid opening to the season. 7/10

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