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Thread: Episode 41: "Launch" (SPOILERS!)

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    Episode 41: "Launch" (SPOILERS!)

    This thread is for the episode 2 of season 5 entitled "Launch."

    Please feel free to discuss anything before and included in the episode.

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    Entrapta, Micah, and Bow all yelling their lines in the first 3 minutes...ugh.

    Than you, Mermista, for shutting up Entrapta. Scorpia's Enrapta impression is hilarious. Really liking Perfuma, though.

    Still liking this Horde Prime...

    I don't recall being this annoyed by Entrapta in previous seasons.

    Good action in the desert

    Micah dressed as She-Ra...ugh

    I did enjoy everything with Glimmer, Catra, and Horde Prime though

    Solid 6/10

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