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Thread: Episode 43: "Stranded" (SPOILERS!)

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    Episode 43: "Stranded" (SPOILERS!)

    This thread is for the episode 4 of season 5 entitled "Stranded."

    Please feel free to discuss anything before and included in the episode.

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    Glimmer is back with her friends thanks to Catra's betrayal of the Horde.

    The Rebellion rescue party have to go to a nearby planet to refuel... nice idea for an episode.

    Entrapta annoys...

    "Don't go towards the light!"... hey, I actually smiled at that. This show doesn't always get me with the humor, but I liked this one.

    The Star Sisters... I still don't remember their episode from the old show, but good to see them pop up. One of them is a brother now

    Apparently, only 3 people are left on this planet with nothing but landscape. I don't get it.

    We see glimpses of She-Ra as everyone is in peril. Interesting...

    But one of the weaker episodes so far...


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    The majority of the original mythos will always hold a special place in my heart, but it was really neat to see the Star Sisters ("Star Siblings") reimagined as planetary scavengers on the run from The Horde and inspired by Adora et al to return to their home world as rebellion leaders. (They are briefly shown again on a view screen in a later episode) This whole take, including a lot of the visual aspects, calls back to The New Adventures of He-Man and what the Star Sisters may have been like had She-Ra gotten another series in the very late 80s or early 90s.

    Tallstar as a cyborg is very aesthetically pleasing and interesting to me. I'm glad Crew-Ra went with mechanical components and prosthetics. Her vintage prototype fashion-action doll with the accordion tubing, translucent robot-like connector pieces, and twisty pants always gave me the impression of something more than just magic and a fashion. That has fueled my imagination for years. The former is something that is lacking in the FILMation cartoon, publishing etc. Female heroes, especially in classic children's cartoons etc., predominantly seem to be a "normal" woman or young girl in an outfit who gets their powers/abilities from something external rather than that power being depicted as a permanent or innate part of their anatomy or sculpt. (Example: I love the idea that Jewelstar's body is permanently crystalline, like the sculpt of the vintage figure, vs her being able to conjure gem armor) Save for something like wings, feather...that sort of thing.

    I get that PoP's story is mostly one of magic vs technology, but I feel that it was a missed opportunity to not incorporate some tech as an actual ability/power, what with the Star Sisters being ancient aliens who crash-landed on Etheria and all. This later introduction could have helped turned the tide against The Horde. Don't get me wrong though, I do enjoy there being some magical aspects to the Star Sisters. (Things like Jewelstar being able to put enemies in a trance in her jewel form, summoning the power of starlight and invoking a supernatural presence via star crystals etc.) But I digress...

    Tallstar with raspberry red or reddish-violet hair and prototype toy colors is always going to be my favorite. Red hair makes her more distinct, imo. Bright pink is too close to some other characters. I attempted a custom a couple years ago. Never finished her.

    Tallstar with wigs in two different shades of red. I wanted her to have a darker skin tone like in Cody Constable's Tallstar fan art, but I'm terrible at painting. Was also working toward making a version with vac-metal.



    Anyhow, what do you gals and guys think the reason is for the change in NU She-Ra from Star Sisters (in "Princess Prom") to space traveling "Star Siblings" in the final season? Are there different Star Sisters, is it a continuity error etc.? Before seeing "Stranded", I assumed that all the Star Sisters were the same characters, with the mural depicting young SS during the first Princess Alliance in those specific looks.

    Interestingly Mattel filed for a "Star Siblings" trademark in September 2018. It was later abandoned the following year. Starla, Tallstar, Jewelstar, and Glory Bird have VERY recent trademark extension requests.

    More later...
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    I dont get what happened here either why would the introduce characters as the star sisters and the princess ball, and depicted on the wall mural, then have them totally different characters, not on Etheria anymore, Stranded on a some alien planet, Dont think it was thought out very well, plain and simple, What they should have done was introduce Sweet bee and her Bee people instead to get their Hive Spaceship off the planet, real tie things together nicely and have them start spreading rebellion across the galaxy. How did the star sisters even get off that planet, they never showed their ship, i honestly thought they were coming on the ship with the rest of them, and was surprised they werent there the next episode. Dont think this was executed well at all.

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    I would be interested to see what Noelle has to say about the apparent change . I still enjoyed the episode though and did like their portrayal.

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    Well there was quite a bit of time between princess prom and Stranded . They had their own adventures . This is a magical world Things happen people change and that sometimes means physically .

    Adora changes to She Ra and we accept that , sooo why are they not allowed to do the same .

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