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Thread: Weapons of the Princesses

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    Weapons of the Princesses

    Hey so im looking for images of all the weapons the princess's possesed.

    So shera had the 2 different sword and that pike weapon in season 5

    Glimmer had king micah's staff( which for whatever reason disappeared in season 5)

    Bow had his bow and arrows

    Catra had tongue lashors whip for a bit, but that was forgotten about as well

    Seahawk had his Laser rapier

    Mermista had her trident

    I could have sworn Frosta had an ice staff, but not sure or it was just her runestone.

    Huntara had her Pike weapon.

    Dont remember any weapons for Perfuma, Spinerella, or Netossa (peekablue, double trouble, or flutterina)

    Starla had those 2 daggers, Jewelstar had sickle weapon, and dont think Tallstar had anything.


    Any ImaGE CONTRIBUTED WOULD BE AWESOME,Ill add them to this opening post. Thanks guys
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