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Thread: Dreamworks She-Ra fan theory and how it may possibly link to the previous 80's shows

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    Dreamworks She-Ra fan theory and how it may possibly link to the previous 80's shows

    Hello folks,

    The Netflix She-Ra show officially exists in it's own continuity according to the creators. However that doesn't stop us from creating our own fan theories and head cannons, right? My fan theory is that this show takes place thousands (possibly tens of thousands) of years after the original MOTU, POP, and New Adventures shows. This fan theory centers around who the "First ones" are, and what they were doing on Etheria, and where Horde Prime is originally from.

    The First ones are from Eternia:

    To my knowledge they don't straight out say the First Ones are from Eternia, however lots of hints get dropped. The word "Eternia" is used as a password when dealing with First One's tech several times. The only name specfically linked with the First Ones is "Greyskull." There is no mention of a Castle Greyskull, or King Greyskull. The only meaning given to the word "Greyskull" is a name drop of a "Greyskull squadron" that Mara was part of. However, Adora still has to say the phrase "By the Honor of Greyskull," but we are never told why. We are told that the first ones originally came to Etheria in order to exploit the natural magic of the planet, to "Mine the magic" as a power resource.

    Fan theory #1: The First Ones are decedents of Eternians who colonized Primus, from the New Adventures of He-Man. My evidence for this is that Mara of Primus is a spitting image of Mara (the previous She-Ra.) If they are not intended to be the same character, then Mara (She-Ra) could be a decendant of Mara of Primus.

    Mara of Primus

    Mara (Dreamworks)

    It would fit better if Dreamworks Mara was a decedent of Mara of Primus, rather than being the same character, but it could go both ways.

    Fan Theory #2: The First Ones developed a technological way to invoke "The Power of Greyskull" after He-Man left to return to the past.

    In the New Adventures of He-man, Adam (now permanently He-Man) travels to the future to fight Skeletor and the Mutants. Eventually it's assumed he returns to the past after defeating Skeletor to become King of Eternia. We're told by Master Sebrian that Adam comes the time with "the way of the magic." It's implied that in the future, the people have lost touch with how magic works. When He-man arrives in the future the "Power of Greyskull" is transferred from Castle Greyskull into the Starship Eternia. It's assumed when he returns to the past, the Power of Greyskull comes back with him. This would give the people of Primus some experience with manipulating magical energy via technology.

    So as my theory goes, generations after He-man returns to the past, the people of Primus (Now the First Ones) have to develop and enhance this magic tech, in order to fight off the Evil Horde, as lead by Horde Prime.

    Fan Theory #3: The Phrase "Honor of Greyskull" is a password, to activate the She-Ra tech
    It's confirmed that She-Ra is a magical transformation. So why does Adora still have to say "For the Honor of Greyskull" in order to transform? Because the phrase is a password, in order to access the magical technology encased in the sword. The problem was back in the past, the power of Greyskull could only be invoked from those who were part of the Greyskull bloodline. The First Ones managed to use technological means so that anyone (rather, any First One) could do it. It has to be that phrase because those were the original words for the magic spell that invoked the power of Greyskull in the past. Dreamworks Adora is still accessing the power of Greyskull as Filmation Adora had, but through technological means.

    Fan Theory #4: Horde Prime from the Dreamworks She-Ra is the same Horde Prime from the Filmation She-Ra show

    This one may be stretching it a bit, but it could fit. In Filmation She-Ra we never really see who or what Horde Prime is. He's kinda like Klaw from Inspector Gadget, just this shadowy figure with an evil voice who is somehow Hordak's boss (but also his brother?) It never really goes into his backstory. Horde Prime is permanently encased in magical energy, with just a huge robotic arm that is ever shown. It's assumed that he was more like Hordak before being transformed into his current state. We're never told how or what he was transformed into, only that he's some kind of cyborg.

    In the Dreamworks She-Ra season 5, when Horde Prime is mind controlling Catra, he makes the offhand remark that she could become his new "Vessel." This implies that the current body Horde Prime inhabits is not his original body, it might actually be a clone itself - perhaps a clone of his original pre-transformed body, or even a mutated clone of the original Hordak (they look close enough for this to fit.) Hordak also says he defeated the First Ones centuries ago, which means he's thousands of years old.

    So here's my sequence of events, for this fan theory:

    1) The events of Filmation He-Man, She-Ra, and New Adventures occur
    2) He-Man Returns to the Past, having defeated Skeletor
    3) The Horde attacks Primus
    4) The People of Primus develop magic tech, to invoke the power of Greyskull and in order to develop weapons (She-Ra and the Heart of Eternia) to fight off Horde Prime.
    5) Mara of Primus (aka Dreamworks She-Ra) knows the Heart of Eternia will destroy the universe, so she sends Etheria into Despondos (which is, for those of you who are paying attention, the dimension that Demo-man is from, aka the demon who transforms Keldor into Skeletor. Damn I love this head-cannon stuff!)
    6) Possibly thousands of years pass, and the events of Dreamworks She-Ra occur.

    Some issues/plot holes:

    1) Why do all the princesses & other characters have the same names?
    It could be for several reasons:
    - Etheria in Dreamworks She-Ra is from an alternate universe, that is the people of Primus (First Ones) crossed dimensions to mine an alternate universe Etheria, instead of the Etheria in their own dimension.
    - It could be that these princess names are titles, passed down and assumed as each princess assumes the crown.
    - It could be that these names are actually common enough names, and is thus just a really freaky coincidence. (I mean, no more of a coincidence than say, Annakin Skywalker creating C-3PO and having R2 as his pet astromech, then twenty years later his estranged son/enemy who he's never met running into them and having them in the exact same roles. I mean that's a freaky coincidence, right?)

    2) If this Fan theory is accurate, does this mean Horde Prime ultimately defeated He-Man, She-Ra, and conquered the galaxy?
    Maybe, maybe not. It could be that eventually, after both He-Man and She-Ra grew old and died he eventually conquered both planets. Else, those two planets were never conquered - it's shown in season 5 that several planets are in the middle of revolutions. However most likely it would be yes. It's implied in Filmation She-Ra that the Horde is a vast galactic empire (akin to say the Federation or Klingon Empires from Star Trek) and if brought to bear could crush the Great Rebellion with ease, and the only reason it doesn't is because Horde Prime keeps his incompetent little brother in charge of the Etherian campaign. Could be that one day Horde Prime gets sick of wasting resources, decides to kick his idiot brother to the curb and just invades both planets with full force. Both Eternia and Etheria have low technological capability (often fighting with hand held melee weapons like swords, axes, or primitive ranged weapons like spears and bows.) What technology they do have seems to be centuries old and not in widespread use. They wouldn't stand much of a chance, especially if he waits several hundred years after both She-Ra and He-man die of old age.

    3) Why doesn't Horde Prime remember any of the previous shows?
    Well besides the fact that none of these events would be relevant, it's also shown that he has to access the memories of deceased clones directly. Could be that events that happened tens of thousands of years ago may be a bit foggy to him, or stored in the bodies of his previous hosts.

    4) Is there anything in New Adventures He-man which contradicts this?
    - I haven't yet seen all of the episodes, so if there's anything which blocks this fan theory let me know.
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