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Thread: Selling it all. Giving the community a shot before listing on ebay.

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    Selling it all. Giving the community a shot before listing on ebay.

    Thank you to anyone who has reached out. I have decided to just list my figures on ebay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doomsword View Post
    I have decided to sell off my collection. I'm not in any rush to do this, but I really don't have the space for them anymore. Everything is in great shape and I have the mailer boxes for almost everything. All figures are MOC, MIP. I don't have any opened figures. I have the majority of the line including Castle Grayskull. Rather than type out what I have it will be easier to list what I don't have. I also have 135 new Zoloworld cases. Please send me a message if you are interested in something and we can try to work out a deal.

    Classics I don't have
    Any of the SDCC King Grayskull figures
    Thunder Punch He-Man
    The Goddess
    Palace Guards 2 pack
    Granamyr (original red version)
    Hurricane Hordak
    Bubble Power She-Ra
    Mighty Spector
    Temple of Darkness Sorceress
    Spirit of Hordak
    SDCC Hordak
    Powercon Stratos, Trap Jaw, & Prince Adam 3 pack
    Powercon Terroar, Plasmar, Lord Gr'asp 3 pack
    Any of the Weapons Packs
    Weapons Rack
    Ultimate Teela
    Ultimate Ram-Man
    DC vs MOTU 2 packs
    The 4 William Stout movie figures

    Club Grayskull I don't have
    Prince Adam (I have the laughing version)
    Shadow Weaver
    What are you asking for Ultimates he-man Skelly and faker (each and separately) classics not filmation
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    I tried messaging you, but nothing came up in my "sent" folder, so I am responding here. I apologize if you have seen this message already:

    Thank you for reaching out to the community before posting things on ebay.

    Do you have the Giants 12" Skeletor and Zodac?

    Do you have the Mattel Evil Seed?

    Thank you.

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    Hello, do you ship overseas? If so, how much do you want for the following:

    - Battle Armor He-Man
    - Battle Armor Skeletor
    - Panthor
    - Wun-Dar
    - Lodar
    - Webstor
    - Whiplash
    - Two-Bad
    - Scareglow
    - Shadow Weaver (Classics version)
    - Mantenna (Classics version)
    - Modulok (Classics version)
    - Leech
    - Sky High and Jet Sled
    - Sweet Bee

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    Hi! I just sent you a private message. Thanks in advance for your reply

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