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Thread: I have mixed Mantenna and Dragstore crossbow

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    I have mixed Mantenna and Dragstore crossbow

    Dear friends,

    I want to sell my "Masters of the universe" eigthies toys.

    But I have a little problem with Mantenna and Dragstore.

    I have mixed their crossbow.

    Do you know which crossbow is to Mantenna and which is to Dragstore between lightgray crossbow and darkgray crossbow ?



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    Do you still have the ripcord that came with Dragstor? That should match the color of the proper crossbow that came with him. I want to say that Dragstor is darker gray, and Mantenna is lighter, but am not 100% sure.

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    Hello there,

    If your Dragstor was made in Malaysia (I believe most if not all were), the corresponding crossbow should be stamped Malaysia across the top.

    If your Mantenna was made in Mexico (this has the black lever on back), the crossbow should be stamped USA on the underside.

    If your Mantenna was made in Hong Kong (this is the red lever on the back), the crossbow should have no COO.

    - - - Updated - - -

    And here are some visuals.
    Dragstor crossbow with Malaysia printed across the top.
    Mantenna USA crossbow stamped USA on the underside - this is for Mantenna made in Mexico
    Mantenna Hong Kong crossbow with no COO on either side.
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    Thank you, both of you. The crossbow and ripcord of Dragstor has the same color and his crossbow his made in Malaysia. But my Mantenna is made in France and his crossbow too (An old time, when some plastic toys were made in France ).

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