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    Sabe-or: Son of one of the old Gods, Saz, who represents four legged feline creatures of Eternia. We first learned about him through the Sword of Saz bio, and it is said that the physical description of him is that he looks like the humanoid battlecat man we first saw in the Art of heman book. This is the first confirmed Ancient, we have a name for, the Ancients are the demigod children of the old gods. other Ancients have been shown, but they are the most mysterious as we really do not no much about them otherwise then the artifacts they left behind. Recipe used a dragstor buck with Eldor arms, carnivus hands and head (hair removed), horde prime loin with leather piece underneath, legs and boots underneath but cant be seen, king grayskull cape, armor comes from silver samurai from marvel back in the early 90's, modified, and WWE cloak and hood from a create a superstar set. recolored the sword of Saz in red, as it doesn't make sense for him to have a red power sword like in one of the reference photos suggest. His staff comes from a Mythical Legions Keltuss.



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    Excellent job!
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