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Thread: Salvo Cuffari's Teela

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    Salvo Cuffari's Teela

    I promised you and here she is: Teela! For the occasion together with the mommy Soreceress.
    I wanted to draw the two as desexualized as possible (and, mind you, the other male MotU are extremely sexualized characters) to try to realize them as the powerful and iconic figures they are. I did it?
    The next one I want to realize is She-Ra, and then, maybe, I will move on to some real fight scenes Contact me privately if you're interested to ask me for a commission!

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    Wow... I dig it. Nice the file too.

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    By the power of Grayskull!!!!

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    Superb linework, and excellent sense of depth. Thanks for sharing!

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