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Thread: Soundtrack Cover wanted!

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    Soundtrack Cover wanted!

    Hi Guys,

    sorry if this is the wrong board but I cannot find any other which fits to my need.

    I am looking for the vinyl cover as mentioned.

    Would appreciate if someone has exactly this version and could scan a hi-res picture of the textless movie cover in the middle.

    Thank you in advance!

    Best regards

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    A hi-res picture of the Masters of the Universe original soundtrack vinyl cover? That would be difficult to scan, I guess.
    And, by the way, that's a German version of the soundtrack and it says Musik komponiert von Bill Conti (Music composed by Bill Conti) on the cover.
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    Well, actually it is just this single window I would like to have!
    On the internet is a version which is similar but that one was requested by me and it is a custom version.
    Because this is the original artwork on the vinyl cover i get wild to get this!

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