Okay all,

Up for grabs are some figures I'm selling from the modern era. Pictures available upon request, and inquiries can be made via PM to [email protected].

•50th Anniversary Shipwreck (v19) Complete - $20
•50th Anniversary Gung Ho (v21) - Has the 25th stand, and has a replacement ammo belt; $28
•30th Anniversary Lifeline (v7) Complete - $65
• 30th Anniversary Sci-Fi (v5) Complete - $35
•50th Anniversary Snow Job (v8) Complete - $10
•50th Anniversary Storm Shadow (v50) - Missing arrow and stand; $11
•Resolute Scarlett (v13) with Custom Head - $30
•50th Anniversary Blowtorch (v4) Complete - $10

•50th Destro (v29) - Complete, legs are a little loose; $25
•50th Cobra Commander (v54) - Complete; $18
•25th Baroness (v9) from 5-Pack - Complete; $15
•25th Iron Grenadier Destro (v16) - Complete; $12
•25th Iron Grenadier Officers (v1) x2 - Missing red pistol and stand; $15 each
•25th Cobra The Enemy Trooper (v2) - Complete; $12
•25th Tomax (v6) - Complete; $24
•25th Xamot (v6) - Complete; $24
•25th Torch (v3) - Complete; $18

As for what I am seeking in trade, it is pretty simple. I am searching for FSS (Figure Subscription Service) and JoeCon exclusive cardbacks/filecards, or I would be willing to purchase those if anyone has any they may want to part with.

Thanks for your time, and have a great day!