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Thread: MOTU Origins found IN STORE!

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    200X He-man and Skelly finally showed up at Target in Memphis, hopefully they'll stock Pig-Head soon (I assume they were packed in the same box?).

    I gotta say, I hated the 200X He-man head in EVERY promo image and even YouTube videos I saw it in, but it looks so much better in hand. It's not perfect of course because, as PixelDan points out, it seems like they only changed the hair and not the face, but it is much better in person.

    200X Skeletor looks better in hand too, I'm hoping giving him Keldor's cape helps with the awkward bottom half of the hood (haven't had a chance to open him up yet).

    If you were hesitant to pick up the 200X guys because of the (honestly awful) promo pics, I recommend trying to find them in person before you skip. 200X has always been my favorite and I'm glad they turned out great! (And SO much more excited for Snake Armor next year now that I've seen the head)

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    Found clamp champ at target for $7
    I grabbed it to open (I'm mostly moc collector) for the shelves I'm building.

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    I didn't find him in a store, but BBTS shipped my Origins Whiplash. I received him today.

    I love him. I'm on record as not a big fan of Origins, but I cherry pick.

    Origins Leech is one of my favorite figures of the year, and Origins 200x Skeketor is the best Skeketor in the line.

    Leech, Skeketor, and Whiplash are my 3 favorite MOTU characters so it's nice to finally get them all.

    Origins Whiplash is basically executed the same as Classics.

    The upper tail portion is attatched to the torso in package and the lower portion of the tail is a softer that plugs in.

    There's a single cut for rotation. It's the exact same set up as the Classics Whiplash.

    The spear is warped in package, but I've never really liked Whiplash using a weapon.

    The headsculpt is quite nice. Origins is 50/50 on sculpts in my opinion. Quite a few of them I think are awful.

    Whiplash falls into good category.

    The colors are great. He has that wonderful light green offset with the darker green torso and accented with the purple boots and fuzzy underwear.

    Whiplash is easily top 3 in Origins for me.

    If you're a fan pick him up for sure.

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