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Thread: MOTU Origins found IN STORE!

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    Saw that Walmart has Skeletors and Battle Cats on Clearance at Evergreen Park, IL Walmart this morning. Skeletor 9.98, battle cat 14.98. Had maybe 8 battle cats and 10 Skelly's?

    They still have space for MOTUO, nothing on pegs though? Might just be making room..those skelly's have been there since October.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zodak74 View Post
    I will definitely take the Fire/Ice Armor variants of He-Man & Skeletor in Origins, if they start digging that deep. I have more desire for these versions than Dragon Blaster or Thunder Punch, for example.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smitty.81 View Post
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    Haha agreed - I want my Thunder Punch He-Man! He's one of the greatest designs in the whole line, plus he was my very first action figure I ever got as a kid. Needs to have his translucent yellow sword and vac metal armor detail with shield. It would be cool if they could somehow recreate the cap firing effect, but I get it's not prudent.

    Also, I've seen a little more signs of life with Origins now seeing Sky Sleds more and also a few Battle Cats in most places. Just waiting to see more than Skeletor and He-Mans for a change. Only caught the follow-up wave twice. It sells out quick wherever it is.

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    Man, some of those He-Man and Skeletor 200X variants would look GREAT in Origins-style. Sign me up!

    Given that the line is called "Origins" and is... well, more obviously inspired by the "origins" of the line, as in "vintage", I think it's less likely that we'd see anything from New Adventures or 200X, but that doesn't mean it's impossible OR a bad idea. "New Adventures" He-Man is pretty much my least-favorite design for the character, but I would absolutely buy one in Origins scale, sure. I hated the NA toys but a lot of that had to do with the fact that they were so incompatible with the MOTU line. Some of the character designs, though, would look really great in-scale, as we saw with some of the Classics figures.

    Selfishly I'd kind of prefer that they get through recreating the entire vintage line plus a bunch of Filmation characters who never made the vintage toyline cut, before branching into any NA or 200X stuff... BUT that doesn't mean I'd ever say no to those figures if they make them, I would definitely buy them, no question. Like I'd probably buy an Origins NA He-Man or 200X Ice Armor He-Man before I'd buy, like, Evil Seed or Count Marzo, if I'm being honest, even though those characters "deserve" to be in this line more.
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