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Thread: MOTU Origins found IN STORE!

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    Flying Fists vibes with that chromed Battle Armor He-Man.
    Powered Convoy -Owner and Propreitor of the Skele-Store,
    offering a small range of stock, and the worst prices on the Net!

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    I love how this set looks, a really nice display piece.

    I agree, we need blonde Teela & Charger two pack!
    MOTU Origins Wishlist: Oo-Larr, Rattlor, Hawke, Slamurai, Lodar, Snake Face, Geldor, Plasmar, Lord Gr'Asp, Strobo, Extendar, Jitsu, Tung Lashor

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    3 RoE at my Target down the street, 2 BA Skeletors, 1 BA He-Man, 3 BS Hordaks

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    As much as I hate buying repaints, the vac metal Battle Armor He-Man looks really awesome. I'll definitely pick up one. Question is, do I need an second one for an opener? I already have the regular Battle Armor He-Man on top Battle Cat, so I'm debating. Hmm?

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