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Thread: id like it if someone can convert my PS2 into the Europe version...

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    id like it if someone can convert my PS2 into the Europe version...

    I wanna do this so I can finally play the MOTU game thwy made. I've been wanting to play this game for years. So if there's anyone out there that can help make it play the MOTU game that would be so great. Please email me at [email protected] please thank you so much. Maybe if you don't but you know someone who could help that would be great. Also I dont know if this is possible but if there's a way to play the Europe MOTU GAME and then back to the USA games. That would be choice. Thanks i look forward to your emails.
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    Did you find anyone? If not, you might search the uk ebay for a used ps2. It's where I'm at, just haven't gotten around to doing it.
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    I know very little about it but look into the PS2 Swap Magic Disc
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    swap magic is great but nowadays it's more expensive than just buying an EU PS2 tbh.

    Though in all honesty, that game really was nothing special. Even when it was originally released, it was below the usual standard you'd see in a game of that time, so I imagine it's not aged very gracefully
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