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Thread: Question about Prince Adam's colour scheme in DC comics mini series

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    Question about Prince Adam's colour scheme in DC comics mini series

    What colour do you consider Adam's boots and trunks in the 1982 DC comics mini series? I want to complete a custom vintage figure but can't decide what colours to use.

    In the first issue of the mini series--To Tempt the Gods--his boots appear yellow and his furries blue (but this may just be miserly/cheap/lazy colour application due to it being a comic).

    In the second appearance of Heman--Fate is the Killer--his scheme is similar to above, but with blue fringed fur over yellow boots.

    In the second issue of the mini series his furries and belt appear just like He-man's (and how the SDCC two-pack conceived him).

    I think in He man and the Insect People, his vest is more of a tunic that covers his furries.

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    I think you can go with whichever pleases your own eye. Since you are doing the customizing.

    In the very first appearance, Adam seems to have brownish boots. (DC Presents #47)

    And even when he changes from the training outfit in same issue, the boots stay basically same.

    Second appearance "Fate Is the Killer" he has brown boots, though they also get colored yellow in some panels.

    Its all done by DC Comics, and then the following 1-3 miniseries. So they were using the blue/yellow/brown colors for Adam. But with there being different colorists and artists,
    things might look different from one issue to another.

    I reckon in the DC Miniseries, where they are re-telling an origin for Adam-> He-Man. They used same boot and furrypant colors as He-Man for connecting the two more (or colorist was lazy, heh).
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