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Thread: Masterverse Toyline Discussion Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by eurorko View Post
    Found She-ra today. She is an amazing figure. I hope we get to more POP characters.
    Frosta is coming out next year.

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    So I got my Catra, she is surprisingly a pretty awesome figure! Once again Mattel's official photos don't do the figure justice. Looking forward to receiving She-Ra soon.
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    Finally got my Hordak and She-Ra from BBTS. Both figures are fantastic- I can’t wait for Catra to arrive!

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    I was one of the ones that had the preordered hordak put off until January, i immediately went to eBay and bought one off there as i expected the prices to rise and I’m glad i did as the prices on ebay shot up. Then today i stopped by a target next the house my house in Knoxville, TN and found 3 Hordaks on the shelf. Just my luck..but oh well i got one to either way.

    Has anyone seen any He-Ro’s on the shelves yet? It’s all i lack for wave 6.

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    I preordered a Hordak from EE after reading about all the hoopla… eBay was $70 at that point. Fingers crossed EE gets some in, from an earlier run or from the potential next one.

    Meanwhile, first time a MV figure broke. Gusto’s silver-y plastic cuff that holds the metal fist in place broke open. I guess plastic is too weak to hold metal…
    I put it back together and it holds but I’m concerned of losing a part. Probably need to glue it.

    Another thing I noticed is that “Classic” Teela’s white skirt part seems slightly … greenish now?
    Not sure if it was always this way, or it happened from standing a bit in sunlight. Still making these rookie mistakes with my figs.

    My Zodac’s neck peg seems stuck in a forward position from the get-go, but I can still pose him ok.

    The Fisto thing is the only that really bugs me.

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    I was so excited to hear the POP figures were hitting Target so ran to the nearest one and all they had were tons of King Grayskull and Savage disappointed
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    I went to Target today and found some repackaged Masterverse figures
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    Quote Originally Posted by SVantley View Post
    I went to Target today and found some repackaged Masterverse figures
    We call those figure swaps
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    Is anyone else finding stuck joints?

    My Masterverse She-Ra's double joint elbows are single joint as the top segment of each joint refuses to move.

    Should I heat it to loosen it or something?

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