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Thread: Masterverse Toyline Discussion Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by He-bro View Post
    I got my Teela today. It had the same issue that has been pointed out for most of the users posting here: there was an ugly gap in the thigh cut. It was an easy fix after watching He-Bro's video on the subject. Well, easy if you have the Dremel with the appropriate sanding tools. You have to make the peg hole deeper but also the first "staggered" level of the hole needs some work as well. I was lazy about boiling water, so I used a hairdryer (with some care), and it worked fine.

    The face of the figure is nice. Classics had superb human male faces and mostly ugly or unnatural female faces; Masterverse is the opposite, nice female faces, but the poor He-Man's face (in all of the variants released so far) is a shame.
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    While I'm never 100% on board with Catra's Filmation costume in any line, there's still a lot I like about this figure quite a bit: the cat shield looks amazing, the hairsculpt is great, love that she has two "claw" hands, appreciate the soft goods cape (and it's length)... and, shockingly, the face sculpt sans mask is beautiful! I just received Wave 4 Teela and love all the articulation she has... so I'm looking foward to getting Catra and being able to get waaaaay better battle poses out of this iteration than I ever could with the Classics version. Now one of these modern lines just needs to bring Catra into the line with her '80s toy costume! (C'mon, Origins! You're our only hope!!!)
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    I kept asking if Catra's mask was removable or permanently over her eyes, never got an answer. Glad to see you can put it up. She looks great. This is what Catra should look like.
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