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Thread: Help New Classic Collector (2020) Plan Collection

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    Help New Classic Collector (2020) Plan Collection

    I started collecting Classics recently because BCRDuke's excitement about the line on his spectacular Each Sold Separately podcast is contagious. I've spent the last 6 weeks researching the line, watching reviews, making wish lists, ordering off eBay and unboxing. I don't plan on getting anywhere near the whole line, and plan to stop pretty soon. My goal is a tight, curated collection of the best figures that are most pleasing to my aesthetic.

    I'm also considering summarizing the set as a whole in my curated collection, but I'm not sure if I want to go that route because there's several parts of the line that don't interest me. I'm posting in hopes of getting advice on which figures to consider adding to my collection. I have some in mind that I'll share, but I am working off photos and youtube videos so it's possible I'm missing something that would be fabulous that I haven't even considered.

    My particular aesthetic is:

    • Prefer vintage and mini-comics
    • dislike filmation and the movie figures
    • on the fence about the space mutants
    • I'm princess-of-power curious but also on the fence
    • prefer villains to heroes
    • I LOVE steeds
    • I love action features, reminding me of 80s toys

    In general, I adore interesting designs and colors since one goal of my toy collection is to decorate the wall of my home office and spark mental creativity.

    Here's what I bought so far at massive pain to my wallet. Goodbye stimulus money!
    • He-Man - Super 7 Ultimate
    • Battle Cat
    • Skeletor - Super 7 Ultimate
    • Panthor
    • Fisto
    • Stridor
    • Faker - Super 7 Ultimate
    • Beastman - original
    • Mosquitor
    • Mantenna
    • Grizzlor
    • Anti-Eternia He-Man Knockoff (reviews said it was superior to the genuine Matty version but I regret it since my leg joints are weak)
    • Modulok
    • Trap Jaw - original
    • Buzz Saw Hordack
    • Demo Man
    • Oo-Larr
    • Laughing Prince Adam (which I put a different head from the Super 7 He-Man on)
    • Flying Fist He-Man / Terror Claws Skeletor 2 Pack - mostly to add the claws to my S7 Skeletor
    • Stratos vs Hawkman DC Universe 2 Pack - prefer this color Stratos to original classic
    • Double Mischief - found cheap, has action feature, and I wanted at least one Princess of Power fig

    Here's what's left that is on my radar, but I've spent quite a bit so far and plan to slow down considerably and look for deals on the rest. I also probably won't buy them all and may only get a handful more based on limited display space and budget. Please help me figure out what is best from my list or what I might be missing based on my stated likes and which figures may have been crappy renditions by Mattel with backwards arms or whatever.

    • Tri-Klops
    • Zombie Horde 2019 Power Con He-Man
    • Castle Grayskull Man
    • Battleground Evil Lyn (prefer look to original, although unsure if headsculpt is too filmation-y for me)
    • Stinkor
    • Tung Lashor
    • Mer-man
    • S7 Ultimates Teela
    • S7 Ultimates Ram Man
    • Man-E-Faces
    • Buzz Off
    • Orko
    • Kobra Khan
    • Webstor (although less interested after seeing Pixel Dan's review)
    • Whiplash
    • Mossman
    • Spikor
    • Two Bad
    • Snout Spout with upgraded snout from a weapons pack
    • Horde Trooper
    • Rattler King Hssss
    • Snake Face
    • Sssqueeze
    • Draego-Man
    • Fang Man
    • Terroar
    • Lord Gr'asp
    • Man-At Arms

    Please let me know which of the ones I listed on my wish list are must-haves, which are duds, and maybe some others that aren't on my radar I should be considering.
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    You certainly made some head-way. You seemed to have tracked down the hardest.

    I keep thinking motuc will slow down in the aftermarket but that seems to not be happening.

    I would say the horde trooper is a great figure and worth a couple of them. The price seems to be more palatable than others.

    Also those lost wave sets that were power con exclusives are beyond visually appealing. The first set with terroar is a set I have on display all the time. The best colors of any set in my opinion. They also tap into the 80s vibe perfectly. They also give you something special as these were to happen, but the line ended in ‘87. There were issues with the heads being hard to swap on them but if you heat them up enough you are good.

    Honestly your entire want list is great. Sorry I couldn’t help more.
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    Looks like you already have a lot of heavy hitters!

    I personally think these are worth getting:

    - Teela (Ultimates version if you can, but Classics is good if Ultimates pricing is too steep)
    - Man-At-Arms (I have the Classics one, the one that came with the Battle-Ram, and Snake version - I enjoy all three and the cool thing is you can mix and match). If you intend to only get one and was wanting to get the Battle-Ram vehicle then just go for that one.
    - Tri-Klops - I feel this guy is one of the original "must-haves" when it comes to the bad guys, and I just like his design overall.
    - Evil-Lyn - I prefer the original version myself, but Battleground is also good. Or just get both.
    - If you have the space, the Point Dread and Talon Fighter set is something I enjoy. Although I did find the included Teela slightly underwhelming.
    - I know you are on the fence about Classics POP figures, but I have quite a few of them and I can recommend She-Ra (I think the body for Bubble Power version is better articulated due to the different skirt piece, but I like the head of the Classics version), Frosta, and Castaspella.
    - Could I also suggest Bow, and his steed Arrow. Both look great.

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    Pretty much any character from the early MOTU waves looks good in Classics form.

    Mer-Man was designed well with some great paint shading.

    Don't drop Webstor from your list. He was one of the best of the line.

    And Scare Glow (Scareglow in Classics format) was also done really well.

    If the early minicomics are your thing, consider trying to find Procrustus.
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    I have about 60 figures and, although I like all of them, there are some that visually appeal to me more in the display: Scareglow, Stinkor, Tung Lashor, Mer Man, Mantenna, Roboto, and Sy-Klone (even though those aren't necessarily my favorite characters). Scareglow is expensive to acquire now, but he is so well done.

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    I have everybody and everything except for that one King Grayskull bronze figure. I think that's the only thing I'm missing from the entire line. At this point I would say collect the genres of the collection that you love the most. When I step back and look at my collection is really is overwhelming. There are characters that I am not fond of but I am a completist lol. I do recommend the Princess of Power characters though because they are some of my favorites in the entire line.

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    From your wish list, I think the must-have figures are Man-at-arms, Tri-klops, BG Evil-lyn, Mer-man. Ram-man, Teela, Kobra khan and Two bad.

    I would add Mekaneck, for the same reason I hunted him: there's a scene from 200X where the original group of comrades visit the council of elders. Randor was leading the team, and the veterans with him were Man-at-arms, Ram-man, Stratos and Mekaneck. Well, I see you don't have a Randor in your list.
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    Just a bit of discussion on MOTUC females in particular. You prefer the villains so don't rule out Scorpia and Octavia for the Horde, Crita for the Space Mutants and Shokoti. You're mini-comic biased so Battleground Teela is one you should consider, especially since she's not-to-pricey. Mara is also a cheaper figure who would add another female to your list that doesn't look to bright and girly. From the POP segment, consider Castaspella, bold colors without being neon or pastel.

    (and I'll also throw out there how awesome Granamyr looks and the Griffin is a beautiful sculpt built on the Battle Cat form...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by horseman1981 View Post
    You certainly made some head-way. You seemed to have tracked down the hardest.

    I keep thinking motuc will slow down in the aftermarket but that seems to not be happening.
    I've been saying for a while that I believe it doesn't have a chance of slowing down until a few months out of MOTUC Snake Mountain deliveries... and even then it might be slow burn to a more reasonable after-market price-point plateau.

    Snake Mountain gave an incredible "punch" in MOTUC price's "arm" just as Grayskull had done before it.

    Vehicles and playsets really energized overall MOTUC value in a way that complimented (and even transcended) "completing the original MOTU line-up in MOTUC".
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    Most people are doing what you are doing which is driving prices through the roof. There are still alot of people that don't even know this line exists! I would get the following before it's gets even more expensive.

    Teela Ultimate
    Red Beast Man
    Blue Mer Man
    Yellow Trap Jaw
    Ram Man
    Fang Or
    Man at Arms
    Battle Ram
    Castle Grayskull of course

    The nice thing about this line is that it won't ever get diluted like Star Wars. It's one and done. Its also such a beautiful line that is so accurate to the mini comics that you will never get bored of looking and posing. I find it amazing that people sell off their collections. This is a picture of He-Man and Battle Cat on my front door stoop. They are just awesome looking!


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