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Thread: weapons/accessories trades???

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    weapons/accessories trades???


    grizzlor crossbow
    buzz off helmet
    stinkor shield
    stinkor shield (middle knob)
    man at arms mace
    hordak cape
    teela shield
    teela staff
    faker sword
    rio blast right hip gun
    rio blast cannon eye viewer piece
    rio blast left arm inside gun
    trap jaw hook
    trap jaw gun
    mekaneck red back piece (i have the front)
    fisto with armor but nothing else
    kobra kahn pistol
    evil lyn staff
    webstor armor
    ram man ax
    rokkon weapon purple
    modulok green tail piece
    modulok connector piece
    modulok female gun piece

    dragon blaster head
    king hiss staff
    mantenna/dragstor cross bow
    hordak cross bow
    blue stratos wings set
    rattlor staff
    tung lashor staff
    tri klops armor
    fisto fist
    fisto sword
    king hiss front
    king hiss back
    king hiss left arm
    king hiss right arm
    spikor mace
    hordak bat shield
    trap jaw claw
    roboto gun
    man e faces gun
    clawful mace
    moss man mace
    rio blast left arm
    rio blast right arm
    webstor gun
    various weapons pack weapons/accessories
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    -Tri Klops w/o Ring Promo on front & newer figures pictured on back
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