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Thread: For auction: 35 individual 200x figures MOC/MIB

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    For auction: 35 individual 200x figures MOC/MIB

    Hello everyone, it's that time of year again where I reclaim a small portion of my loft space by auctioning off some of my prized possessions. This year I've got a whole bunch of 16-18 year old 200x figures for auction on ebay. All are Mint on Sealed Card or Mint In Box.

    I never end auctions early or take offers outside of ebay so you can bid with confidence that you're not wasting your time. Full list of figures is below.

    Please see my ebay auction listings for more info (please scroll down the page a bit because I'm selling some other stuff too). I'm based in the UK but will post worldwide.

    The international postage costs for this type of figure have increased since Covid due to UK couriers increasing their prices. The international postage costs listed on the auction are the MAXIMUM you would pay for postage. HOWEVER, AND THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, I do combine shipping and I do put items in boxes that allow for sufficient packing without using boxes that are far too big. Therefore depending on how the auctions go, and how many multi-buys I get, I may get the opportunity to reduce the postage costs for you. Unfortunately I can't calculate this until the auctions have ended, so please, if you are a winning bidder, wait for me to send you a second invoice before paying (ebay will auto-email you the first invoice). You will know it's the second invoice because there'll be a personal note from me on it saying that either I have or haven't managed to save you any additional postage cost. I guarantee that the final postage WILL NOT cost more than the listed postage price (but it may cost less if I can make that happen). Hope that makes sense, please do message me on ebay if you want me to clarify.

    The full list is as follows (including some bold blue highlights):

    Battle Glove Man-At-Arms
    Beast Man
    Beast Man Repaint
    Buzz Off
    Fire Armour Skeletor
    Ice Armor He-Man
    Jungle Attack He-Man
    Keldor in sealed box, although black outer back has been opened
    Martial Arts He-Man
    Mer-Man Repaint
    Moss Man in sealed box, although white mailer has been opened
    Ram Man
    Ram Man Repaint
    Shield Strike He-Man
    Skeletor Repaint (Disco Skeletor)
    Sky Strike Stratos
    Snake Teela in sealed white box
    Spin Blade Skeletor
    Trap-Jaw Repaint
    Tri-Klops Repaint
    Two Bad
    Chase Whiplash

    Happy bidding, hope you find something you want! Tom

    - - - Updated - - -

    A clarification on the postage costs. When I say the postage cost will not be more than the maximum listed, I mean for a single item. If you for example were to purchase 10 items, that would obviously cost more in postage than what is listed for one item.

    For example, if the listed international postage to Australia is 43.00, postage for this one item will not cost more than that. If you buy 10 items, it will cost more than 43.00, but I would combine postage, so postage would not be 10 x 43.00. Most likely it would be kept under 100, so a significant saving on the combined price for posting multiple items.

    In this scenario, the international postage for a single item would not cost more than 43.00, but may cost less.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Just a reminder that these auctions end on Sunday 29 November from around 21:00 GMT. Best of luck!
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