Hello @all,

I'm new here (who would have guessed ). I'm born in late 1982 and grew up with MOTU.

Unfortunately I had a very hard time registering my account at all, since I encountered several technical problems. The first issue was that my e-mail address wasn't accepted. I got the message "Sorry. This site does not allow e-mail accounts from this provider. Please use a unique e-mail address, often assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider. "
Okay, I used my GMX address, so I wasn't surprised. Therefore, I did like I was told and tried my e-mail address from my Internet Service Provider. Alas....it was rejected also! It is the biggest ISP in Germany: T-Online. Therefore I now was very surprised and almost out of options. Why do you reject e-mail addresses of one of the most common ISPs of a country? You exclude almost 14 million people by blocking T-Online.

I registered then with my business e-mail address, assigned by my employer. But unfortunately this is not a permanent solution, for obvious reasons.

The second problem was, that I was unable to contact an administrator. The register form has a link for this purpose, which seems to be broken. You can see why in the following screenshot:

Afterwards I wanted to search the forums for the term "T-Online", to see if some other people had this e-mail problem before. But also the search function seems to be broken. See the following screenshot. I got his message after starting the search.


Well...I hope my further time here will be less problematic