Been a long while since I shared any art stuff on here, and yes I still do the art stuff. So here are some of my most recent images

Starting with my Pokemon pics

First up we have one of my personal faves... Sableye

Next I did the original psychic powerhouse and all round cutey... Mew

Followed by the tongue-scarfed froggy ninja... Greninja

the Pikachu-wannabe...Mimikyu

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________

But I haven't just done Pokemon. I have also done a few pics of Temtem from the Pokemon-like MMO of the same name

Starting with the Neutral / Crystal Temtem called... Valash

This was soon followed by a pic of the Electric type Temtem... Sparzy

Next Temtem on the list is the Neutral-Melee type... Skunch

then we move on to yet another Temtem, this time the Ground-Fire type named... Drakash

And to round it all off my crossover between the two games starring the Ground type Pokemon... Cubone, and the Fire-Earth type Temtem... Vulor