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Thread: Various Tabletop RPG Items for sale.

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    Various Tabletop RPG Items for sale.

    I have the following RPG items up for grabs.

    1)We are all mad here hardcover book by Monte cook games for the Cypher system. $25+shipping
    2)Dragon Age RPG box sets 1 and 2. $20 each plus shipping
    3)Savage worlds Lankhmar hardcover setting book. $15 plus shipping
    4)Codex Infernus : The Savage worlds guide to Hell. $15 plus shipping
    5)Esper Genesis Core Manual Sci-fi for 5E dungeons and dragons. $25 plus shipping.

    I can combine shipping if you purchase multiple items.

    Thanks in advance.

    - - - Updated - - -

    List updated with new items.
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    Just FYI I bought one of the items Cringer_Luvr had for sale here and received my items extremely fast and in excellent condition.

    Thanks again!
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