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Thread: WTT: Your MOTUC for my Mythic Legions

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    WTT: Your MOTUC for my Mythic Legions

    I am looking to fill out my MOTU Classics collection and I am getting out of Mythic Legions. Up for trade are my Legions and Legions adjacent figures, beasts and parts. Loose complete is fine for me. Only trading in the continental U.S. Wants are listed I order of priority. Please help me get some of the things at the top of my list.

    Mini Comics Stratos
    Mini Comics Trap Jaw
    Snake Men warriors
    Blond Teela Head from the Ultimates figure

    Mythic Legions - I have plenty of pics of these, just ask. Displayed and return to their packaging.

    Lucretia (missing the 2 daggers)
    Vampire Legion Builder
    Iron Knight
    Shadow Elf Warrior
    Sword Horsemen
    Black Shoulder Armor

    Mythic Legions adjacent figures, parts, and accessories
    Bought with the intention to augment my Mythic Legions collection. Some were meant to fit right in, some got customized, some where in process or waiting to begin. I have included some descriptions. Ask any questions you may have. As a rule, what you see in the pics is what you get unless noted.

    The Prisoner*
    Black Knight
    Ice King
    Frost Wing Glider
    *packaging available

    Marvel Legends
    Ultimate Green Goblin - fraying at the bottom of the pants has been cut away, planned as demon
    Man Thing
    Entertainment Earth Exclusive Groot
    Silver Samurai
    Silver Samurai - buck
    Jane Foster Thor
    Lady Sif
    Black Knight
    House of M Human Torch
    Hela - both alternate heads included
    Skurge - machine guns included
    Marvel Select The Mighty Thor parts - cape, hammer, spinning hammer and hand

    Azrael MIB
    Killer Croc BAF
    Man Bat - with custom paint on the pants to look less modern, perfect flying vampire

    Dark Alliance Lucifer - Iíll do yíall a favor that the person I bought this figure from didnít do for me. Iíll tell you that it has two right upper arms. See the pictures. When it is turned over and bent, it is passable. If you paint it a darker color, it should look fine. I have more pics to clarify the issue.

    Articulated Icons
    I got these two figures strictly for parts. Good quality.

    Jumanji Warthog
    The Hobbit Warg
    Rampage Movie Big City Brawl Ralph The Wolf
    Dragon - a Halloween decoration, wanted to get it repainted to stand in until the Horsemen release their dragon

    See the photos. Ask any questions you may have.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Updated list to reflect current wants

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    Latest update. Thanks!

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