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Thread: Super7 SilverHawks Figures - CONFIRMED

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    Quote Originally Posted by King Kahn View Post
    I know he isnít accurate but man I love flashback nearly the most.
    Same here! He was my favorite good guy and figure.
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    Really liking the bad guys. The good guys I'm having a hard time with. Also. The torso articulation change from the motuc kind of pushes me away even further than I already am with these guys. I think I'll end up getting the bad guys but can't have them if you don't have the good guys. I honestly was not a fan of this cartoon or line as a kid. I liked the Thundercats for like 3 minutes these guys and tigersharks didn't even have a chance. Also was inching out of motu at the time as well and after that it was strictly g.i. joe. They kept getting better til it was time to let go of toys and then they hit failure after lol.

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